Lucky Red Lingerie For Men

Red lingerie worn during Beijing's Fashion Week.
Red lingerie worn during Beijing's Fashion Week.

In Chinese culture, red is associated with good luck, and in lingerie red is associated with getting lucky. See what I did there? See it? Ha! What fun we have with these articles!

If you don't yet own any red lingerie, (which is entirely possible given that red lingerie is often reserved for celebrating the birth of Jesus and the commercialized holiday associated with the torturing of a Christian saint respectively) you should most certainly see about getting yourself some. It is possible to purchase red lingerie outside the approved red lingerie purchasing periods by purchasing lingerie online. The Internet acknowledges no seasons, no religions and no arbitrary purchasing rules. It's the Wild West of lingerie where anything goes.

Be aware once you have your lucky red lingerie, it is no good for stealthy wearing, because red, whilst being the color of good luck in China, is also a rather eye catching color that humans are naturally inclined to recognize fairly quickly as it could indicate blood, possibly our own blood, which is always worth noticing. If we didn't pay attention to the color red, we could very possibly walk around whilst bleeding profusely and never know it. We might also find ourselves unable to recognize wounded prey, which would make hunting a great deal more troublesome. Therefore, if you wear red lingerie you can expect it to make quite a statement. If it peeks up over the waistband of your pants, people are going to notice. If it leaps out of the corner of the room and wraps itself around the legs of a lady friend you found walking the streets of Whitechapel, she's going to notice it. Your red lingerie is the lingerie most likely to traitorously give you away.

Are you bold enough to accept the challenge of red lingerie? Are you man enough to gird your unmentionables with the most primal color known to humankind? Are you ready to harness the lucky energy of wearing red lingerie? These are the questions that every man must ask himself before he sallies forth wearing his red lingerie, for once one steps out the door wearing red undergarments, one is destined to go about one's day wearing the red lingerie. Unless, of course, he wants to take them off at morning break in the bathroom and perhaps leave them there to create a source of office gossip that will enliven the water cooler for months to come. There is great power associated with red lingerie. Use it wisely.

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Comments 5 comments

Tom 6 years ago

I have a few pairs of Vanity Fair string bikini panties in red and wear them proudly. I just wish bra makers would make bras in red and other bright colors in the larger band sizes for all of us.

And no I won't take my red panties off and leave them to start any kind of gossip I like them too much !

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

I've got some red lingerie, a bra and the matching panty. YAY :D

Actually those are my favorite pieces at the moment.

chevy34_00 6 years ago

Red lingerie is my favorite; especially panties....

profile image

Wendygrrl 6 years ago

Humm... works for in red.. {;o)

Pete 6 years ago

I use lingerie since more than 20 years, but I did not try a bra because I thought it's not necessary. I see now that more men using it. Somehow exciting. Would you recommend to use also bra's?

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