Removing Wax from your Eyebrows


You're at home, the Sally Beauty Supply wax strips or jar in your hand. With trepidation, you smear the sticky depilatory onto your eyelid, between your eyebrows, under your nose, on your chin.... wherever you have coarse little hairs you don't like.

You press down with the paper. Taking a deep breath, you yank, like peeling off a bandaid--

Only, if you're me, this is where you fail to pull the wax off cleanly and in one swipe. You rub at it with a washcloth and succeed only in transferring lint to the sticky patches on your face. Rubbing alcohol is like putting out a fire with gasoline. You suddenly regret saving $15 on a salon visit to have this done by a professional. You wonder if you can face the rest of your life with a nickname like "Lintface."

You despair. How do those salon jerks get this stuff to come off so cleanly and effortlessly? What is that magical product they use? Does it cost $200 a bottle?


The Solution!

There's no secret to wax removal. Go to your kitchen and pull out a bottle of olive oil. Dab some onto a cotton ball or cosmetic pad. Wipe it over your eyelids, face, or anywhere else you've attempted to remove hair with wax.

The wax will come off quickly, easily, and completely painlessly. Quickly washing your face will remove the oil. It's counter-intuitive to most women to delberately put oil on our faces, but hair-wax removers are usually exactly that. Olive oil, mineral oil, or some other oil-based fluid to bond the wax off of your face and get it outta there!  

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victoria 6 years ago

wow thankyou so much! i was so worried i was gonna rip

my whole eyebrow off so i tried everything and this worked instantly. thankyou so so much:)

MD 6 years ago

Excellent tip! It worked like magic.

Lynda 6 years ago

Had just waxed my lip and googled "remove wax". Your advice worked perfectly.

Jee 6 years ago

Thank you so much.. I was just rubbing everything to remove the wax & then googled to find a solution & found this. :)

tina 6 years ago

Wow I had my face waxed and my hair kept sticking to my face so, I tried this and it worked great.

Thank you

Darci 6 years ago

Wow and to think I resorted to automotive cleaner!

saward1 6 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you - brilliant advice!!!

Wax stuck 6 years ago


enkay25 5 years ago

I took a generous amount of the olive oil and it did not work for me at all. Nor did alcohol. I finally resorted to cutting the wax stuck-on hair off at the end of my eyebrow.

Connor 5 years ago

It actually work thank you so much

bull 5 years ago

i tried it & it didn't do anything ! i ended up riping the hair off

shawnee 5 years ago

Wow. Works like a charm! And to think i resorted to lighter fluid .... This wasso much better!

Savannah 5 years ago

Thank you so much.. I was really worried I was going to have to take off my whole eyebrow.. the whole do it yourself wax systems are not worth the trouble. The key is to put the Olive Oil on followed by washing your face. Great!

Tahmina 4 years ago

Thank U so much! Great tip :-)

retta 3 years ago


Robyn 2 years ago

Thanks so much for this. I have waxed half my eye brow off by mistake and the other one is covered in wax. I don't want pull it off or it will bring half of this eye brow off omg.

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