Size 11 High Heels

Finding high heels when you have large feet can be a nightmare. It would seem that the world has decreed that you remain forever the wicked stepsister (or stepbrother), too ungainly and unwieldy and large to possibly wear the pretty high heeled glass slipper. But do not despair! There are manufacturers of shoes who are aware that people over 5'8 want to wear high heels on occasion and who respect that. This hub features high heels from various retailers that can be bought in a size 11 or higher. Feast your eyes!

Red Leather Patent Court Shoe

The loveliness of this shoe can be described in the following terms 'Dorothy, eat your heart out'. Whatever that means. I suppose Dorothy could technically eat her heart out, but if we said that about the tin man, we'd only be adding to his already dire existential pain. But I have digressed, for these are the prettiest, shiniest, most red court shoes I've ever seen in my life, and they come in a Size 10 and 11 from the Big Shoe Boutique, a UK based retailer of shoes for people who have larger feet. (Larger feet than what? Than smaller feet, of course!) These also come in black, if you find red to be entirely vulgar.

Peach Round Toed Leather Court Shoe

These shoes are also from the Big Shoe Boutique. I couldn't, in good conscience, skip them as they're not only utterly adorable, they also scream 1950's housewife, and who doesn't like to play 1950's housewife from time to time? I certainly do. Right after I've finished this article I'll be donning an apron, making some scones, folding the laundry and looking down on hippies.

I adore the peach color of these shoes, you don't often see lovely border pastels like this, and of course, the contrasting fabric that lines the shoe is so delightful that it's almost worth dying for. Not quite, of course, perhaps only maiming for.

Patent Stiletto

If the previous heels weren't quite high enough for your tastes, then feast your eyes upon this shiny black patent stiletto with a 4 ½ inch heel. This is some serious business and not for the beginner. Forget rolling an ankle, you could snap your neck in these things if you aren't careful. Of course you'll disregard these warnings however because the shiny highness of these shoes calls to you with all the subtle allure of a 1920's silent film star. These shoes were discovered lurking amongst the usual thigh high boots and fluffy slippers on Snaz75.

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