Swatch Watch Valentine's Edition

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Swatch has released the Valentine’s edition watch, A La Folie (GZ281). The name itself is loosely translated as “Madly” as in ‘madly in love’.

While most Original Gents Swatches, were made entirely out of the iconic plastic, this Swatch watch has a plastic case and a solid silicon band. Silicon is much more flexible than plastic and therefore makes for a more comfortable and durable band. The band is bi-color, white on the topside and pink on the underside, to match the white case and the red heart on the dial. The color coded mechanics of the watch can be seen through the hart shaped opening on the dial. The opening signifies an open heart which holds no secretes. This watch is one of the most romantically inclined watches ever made by Swatch. It even has a scented band with the natural aphrodisiac scent of vanilla. That’s right, the band smells like vanilla.

Meant to be given as a gift for Valentine’s Day to that special lady, A La Folie, comes in a special packaging consisting of a polished red plastic round case with a matte white heart on it, and an outer square packaging which makes it easy to wrap. Whether you get it as a Valentine’s gift or keep it as a collector’s item (because of the vanilla scented band) , A La Folie would make a great choice for any collection, or any lucky lady. Priced at $70.

Like all Swatch Watches A La Folie is water resistant to 30 meters, (99 feet) is shock resistant, and comes with an international warranty. Available at Swatch, The Mega Store, at Times Square, New York.

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