Tattoo Ideas: Stars II

A search for star tattoos on BMEzine reveals 10,446 images. Trumped only by the Tribal and Blackwork Tattoos category (which boasts a staggering 14,475 pictures), the stars section is absolutely overflowing with inspiration and ideas. Stars on feet, along the sides of ribcages, traveling up the backs of necks. Big ones, little ones, colored ones, black ones. If you're considering getting a star tattoo and are looking for pictures on the web for inspiration, the task can be daunting. But I have actually gone through all 10,446 images, and I'm happy to share with you the ones that I found particularly impressive.

What is it about stars that has made them become such a popular choice of tattoo? In reality, a star is just a burning ball of gas emitting it's constant light from millions of miles away. They aren't even shaped like the traditional five-pointed star to which we've become accustomed, they're circular. And yet scores of people are obsessed with their imagery (myself included-I have thirteen stars tattooed about my body.)

Maybe it's because on a subconscious, molecular level, we instinctively realize the importance of these luminous orbs. It was the North star that guided our ancestors through unfamiliar territory and rocky seas, and it was the Star of Bethlehem that foretold the birth of Jesus to the three wisemen. It is stars that rule our astrological signs and are said to govern our personalities.

Besides that, stars in and of themselves are fascinating. The notorious black holes, which are so strong nothing that comes near it can ever escape, are actually massive celestial objects. Once you reach the event horizon located at the entrance to the black hole, you are powerless. Getting swallowed up is "as inevitable as moving forward in time." ( A star of this magnitude is to be both feared and respected. White dwarfs, which are small, dense stars that only shine faintly are the last stage in a star's life, and yet billions of years from now when the galaxies evaporate, it is believed that only white stars will survive this massive transformation. Finally, the sun, our planet's source of energy and light, is actually one big, enormous star that radiates down to Earth so children can grow strong and plants can grow tall, creating oxygen so that we may breathe easily and endlessly brightening all of our days.

With all this imagery and symbolism, is it any wonder stars are so popular in modern culture?

Side Star Tattoos

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Hips Star Tattoos

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Back Star Tattoos

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Feet Star Tattoos

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Arm Star Tattoos

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non0n 9 years ago

love the back star tattooes....... good job!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia

I love stars! I'm hoping to get a set of three (Orion's belt) behind my left ear.

diana 8 years ago

i looooove stars. i'm gonna get 2 on my hips

home209 8 years ago

can anyone tell me what stars mean

Camilaa 8 years ago


Camilaa 8 years ago


qwertyuiop 7 years ago


Amir 3 years ago

This sounds a ltitle complicated and detailed for a piece to be put on the back of your neck. It will end up feeling and looking crowded, and most likely will not turn out the way you want. This would be a piece better done in a large size.Color wise, I would suggest perhaps deep browns, Ming gun metal, gray, aqua-marine. Anything deep, and rich, especially blues, greens, browns!As per the allergy. You have a few options. Your tattoo artist could do an allergy test. What he would do is take the colors you are planning to use, and tatto a few very small lines behind your ear, along your hair line, someplace out of the way and hard to notice. Then you let these heal and see if you have an allergic reaction. The most common color to have a reaction to is red, however you could react to ANY color based upon the metal contents!

Chicko 3 years ago

i would go to the tattoo shop and have them draw it up. they relaly know what they are doing and they can customize it for you and them. when i got mine..i gave him 2 pics and told him how i want certain things then told him to go with what he feels is best. he did an amazing job and i won't ever regret letting him do it. he did it flawlessly. and im the only person who has this ink. well that is until someone sees it and asks for it. but it was the best thing to do i would go for it..go to the shop and have them draw it up. chances are if you have someone draw it up and they don't entirely know the whole tattoo process the artist will have to change something on it depending where u get it.

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