The Secret Pimple Remover

The secret that the skin care companies don't won't you to know!

Pimples. Zits. Acne. There are many names that these nasty little pus filled pores are called. A pimple happens when the pore gets clogged with dirt and oil. The infection that occurs can be ugly and down right painful. Some people have them worse than others. Believe it or not some of you might be genetically inclined to have them worse than some of your friends.For teenagers they always seem to crop up on picture day or prom night without fail.

My 12 year old Daughter has had acne for about 3 years now. I had a pretty good complexion when I was younger but her Dad didn't. No matter what we tried nothing worked.We went through hundred's of dollars trying everything on the market. Clean and Clear and Proactive worked the best but they always seemed to come back. Especially around her period. They never completely cleared all the way up.

One day my husband and I went to visit his Grandmother. She happened to comment on my daughter's pimple problem. She said she had them really bad when she was about 13 until her grandmother told her a secret. She told my daughter to wash her face with regular soap and water. It didn't matter what kind. After she washed her face to pat it dry and after it completely air dried to apply regular corn starch out of the cupboard on her face.

Corn Starch. So when we got home she wanted to try it. I was skeptical. i mean we had spent tons of money, how was a dollar box of cornstarch going to clear up pimples?

The different was noticeable by morning. I was in shock! It worked. In 3 days all of her zits were gone and her complexion was radiant.

She still gets one or two pimples around time for her period. One or two is a whole lot better than 50!

I have to recommend this to everyone. It really does work.

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tara 8 years ago

yeah.i really works..

tara 8 years ago

yeah.i really works..

In 8 years ago

How much do you put on?

alexa 7 years ago

how much do you put on, and how long do you leave it on for?

spotts17 profile image

spotts17 7 years ago from Mississippi Author

Just spread a thin layer on your face before bead each night. Like powder.

Alice 7 years ago

How long do you put it on for? I have a BIG problem with pimples and I just want to get rid of them. At school, I gut bullied by everyone because of them.

hohoho 7 years ago

does it really works miss??

Spotts17 7 years ago

Yes it really works. Just leave it on at night and then wash it off in the morning.

afrel 7 years ago

i wanna try that one. i hope it will work

jhaiem 7 years ago

OMG... does it really work?? in just three days?? swear??

i will definitety try this!! huhu..

jhaiem 7 years ago

hello, MRS. SPOTTS17, i hope will work for me... ^_^

jhaiem 7 years ago

hey guys... if you got a positive or negative results by using this remedy please leave a comment... is it okay ms spotts17? thanks a lot..

Sylvia 7 years ago

Omg! it tottally works! Another thing iv'e done is take a table spoon of sea salt (natural works the best), put like a few drops of warm water in it and stirl until you get a pasty mixture, put it on your pimples and leave it on for a 1/2 hour to 3. then rinse off. It takes all that delisious puss out, bleh.

cleo 7 years ago

i must try diz...........

Jenben 7 years ago

After u put it on how long do u keep it on and what do u wipe it off with????

Dragon boy 7 years ago

will it work on back pimples??

happysmile profile image

happysmile 6 years ago

hi mrs spotts 17 . i want to help my friend she is having her pimples for 3 years but she don't know how to remove it .she use different soaps to prevent and remove it . but it doesn't work . she also use ice. she is scrabing her face with ice every night . is the cornstarch will help my friend ?(my friend is 15 yrs old)

Confidence 6 years ago

GodBless u ol

jerome 6 years ago

hi ms pot i will just ask if it will be apply only once a day and only every night before a sleep?

spotts17 profile image

spotts17 6 years ago from Mississippi Author

I hope everyone who tries this has good results. Of course I do not guarantee anything but its worth a try.

Arussell817 6 years ago

I've literally tried everything... Still have bad acne and I'm almost 21...embarassing.. Ima give this a go and I'll post a follow up sometime next week

earl 6 years ago

I'll really try this i hope it really works..i really have big problems with this pimples shit!!!! its really embarrassing gosh

cowen 6 years ago

what is this suppose to mean?? she washed her face to pat it dry and after it completely air dried to apply regular corn starch out of the cupboard on her face. what is pat??

slpotts 6 years ago

Pat it dry with a towel. Even after you pat it dry. Your face is still damp. The corn starch will stick if you don't let it completely dry first. You're not supposed to rub your face with towels you are supposed to blot(pat it). Rubbing causes you're oil glands to overstimulate creating MORE pimples. I hope this helps.

genedine 6 years ago

is this true?we have many corn starch here in house i think i should try this i hope this corn starch will work on my pimples problem..

bubbles 6 years ago

what brand of cornstarch did you use?

cutie 6 years ago

is cornstarch only applied before sleeping?

Hina 6 years ago

what kind of cornstarch did u use? is it b4 sleeping or in the morning? i really want to try this..but maybe it will create more,,i'll ask u 1st..

random 6 years ago

can you use corn flour instead or even plain flour?

..erich 6 years ago

..ill this.. i hope it can help me.. thanks for sharing this..

Marvette 6 years ago


love 6 years ago

..i try this but it didn't work ..why???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ming! 6 years ago

ill try this tonight! hope it worksz!!

Edward 6 years ago

cornstach is amazing. i use it for cuts, pimples, and rashes. it works great.

Ana 6 years ago

I found out about the cornstarch thing from my great grandmother, it kind of worked a few times for me but not all that well :(

pocky 6 years ago

do you just powder on dry corn starch right on your face and leave it there? how does it stay on? im mean its powder... wont it get on you pillow?

regardless... i don't think it would hurt to try. thanks for the suggestion..

jc 6 years ago

can i have one?

Jimmar 6 years ago


naifha 6 years ago

ohhhh gosh, i wanna try it,,, i hope it'll work... those pimples are also my problem,,

concon 6 years ago

does it really works ??

faustine 6 years ago

how long will you leave it on your face? overnight right? it doesn't matter how long you sleep? need your answers ! tnx =)

shochie 6 years ago

uuurrrggghhh.. i gonna try this one tonight.. i hope it will fits my skin . (11 y/o)

spotts17 6 years ago

It doesn't matter how long you leave it on. Actually the longer probably the better. My daughter still uses it. She's 14 now. Her complexion is almost flawless now.

asereht 6 years ago

ill try this one.

nevinoj 6 years ago

is cassava starch okey?

spotts17 6 years ago

Corn Starch is all she said. My daughter is actually 14 now. She still uses it every night. She has one pimple all month and it was just a tiny one.

michelle 6 years ago

hey!! i'll just want to ask if you only applied cornstarch directly without adding water or others. Please response to my questions. Thank you

carla 6 years ago

i hate dz acne..i tried ol facial wash but still it didn't work...omg....what should i do??

yin.yin27 6 years ago

i will try dis one tonight..

and i will post some updates about my acnes :|

i hope it will work much :(

yin.yin27 6 years ago

woah! its really work.. thanks :D

PHILIPINES.bernard 6 years ago

going to try this tonight. wish its gonna work.

PHILIPINES.bernard 6 years ago

it's been 2 day's, but still not working. wish it's going to be work. please. (15yrsold.)

sak 6 years ago

what is corn starch

tite 6 years ago


reddagger 5 years ago

hope this will work to me because i also have a big problems about pimples i use so many cleansers but nothing works

chris 5 years ago

do i have to put it wet, or just dry????

i really really got a huge problem with things

damn thing in my face..

it makes me ugly ;(

spotts17 5 years ago

Just dry, but make sure to wash your face first. Then let it dry.Then apply the cornstarch.

MeLvin 5 years ago

I wanna Try this :)

princess@philippines 5 years ago

i am a college student and my big problem is my pimples i tried different facial wash but still there is no result!i want to try the corn starch !!and i hope u can give to me the procedure on how to apply the said treatment!!thank u!

shane 5 years ago

is this really work???? what is the procedure??

jingiyah 5 years ago

im going to try this tonight!! Feb 23...

har har har har

daizy 5 years ago

after 7 days im getting married but to much pimples and scars are there plz tell me smthng

Jonel_Philippines 5 years ago

You can also try eskinol(facial cleanser) with a tablet of fern C which works for me :)

Bella 5 years ago

I Didn't try it yet but doesn't Corn Starch falls off ur skin,because its powder,im not really sure how to use it but i will try it.Thanks :D

inlovewithyou profile image

inlovewithyou 5 years ago

is it really works ? i hope so ! :) i'll try it later before to sleep .

Bella 5 years ago

OMG.It really works.For real.It's kinda annoying that it falls but it's worth it. :D Thank You Spotts17.

kim_philippines 5 years ago


jereel PHIL 5 years ago

what those corn starch have to prevent pimple?? is thre any chemichal?? ^^

shanie 5 years ago

I hope it'll work...I think I could try it tonight, hmf?!?

lioniel 5 years ago

i believe it is effective i will try later bur should i wet the corn starch first before i used it?

lioniel 5 years ago

please inform me asap thx alot

and what procedure thx or just put the powder cornstatch on our face

need answer thx

Jenny. 5 years ago

Corn starch? Corn starch can solve my pimple problem? Atlast! I got a solution!

cheian15 5 years ago

.. what?? omy cnt beliv cornstarch is all that i need.. that's why some powderreally has corn starch in it@@

zel 5 years ago

I want to try!!

Carl 5 years ago

Wash your face with Dettol soap morning and night. Afterwards spread a little Johnsons Baby powder over your face. It worked wonders for me!

Carl 5 years ago

Wash your face with Dettol soap bar morning and night. Afterwards spread a little Johnsons Baby powder over your face. It worked wonders for me!

adi 5 years ago

is corn starch the same thing as corn flour???

chris llorcan 5 years ago

oh my god .. i want to try this .. i have many chikx :)

thanks to mrs.pot ..

i want to see your daughter ..

here is my email at facebook

Hi! 5 years ago

Can I use johnson Baby Powder Cornstarch? I'm afraid if it will work or could break out pimples!,, tnx

KOng KiT'z 5 years ago

hey..! does this cornstarch makes your face blemish...?

gloc9 5 years ago


ECGIRL 5 years ago

Thankyou so much for sharing this! I bought cornstarch after reading this and it got rid of 2 zits on my chin in 2 days! My chin is really clearing and becoming smooth from this from remedy. It works people

tina 5 years ago

i'll try this one..

ferl@phil. 21 yrs 5 years ago

thankz for sharing diz remedy. il diz tonyt' hope 2 hav good effect on me. il give updates nxtym.

Dude 5 years ago

At first it seemed fine after I used it, but after a few days, my face started to feel funny. The day after that I woke up and my T-zone was covered in tiny little red spots that are close together and the rest of my face had pustules. It took me a whole week of antibiotics to clear it up. The doctor said the corn starch fed bacteria.

hikaru :) 5 years ago

hope it works :]

enceline 5 years ago

i realy have not read this idea or solutions.. i have had pimples for 4 years now.. i tried a lot of stuff on my face,, my dad told me not to use a lot of stuf as i may become sick or chemiaclized!! i am not using anything at the moment :-) i just drink water......... 1 thing with me is if i use something for my face for too lomg i get tire3and give up,,, so could you please help face becomes oily very quickly, even if i use johnsons baby powder :-( ,,,, HELP please MMMMEEEE!!!!!!

Hikaru 4 years ago

I immediately bought one today. I will try it on tonight. I'll keep you posted

Hikaru 4 years ago

My skin cleared, yes. But still need foundation to cover the blemishes. Not bad on its first night of usage.

Hikaru 4 years ago

Still applying it before I sleep. It's been working well on my face :) It dries the zits and gives me a radiant skin!

punk 4 years ago

OMG!!its really W0RKS!I tried it last nyt, and wen i wake up i was sh0ck!Its realLy realLy realLy w0rks!Try this.H0pe it w0rks to otherz.Thanks ms.Sp0tt;)

john 4 years ago

Can any corn starch will do?

Please response,, i really don't get the instructions.

Im only 12 years old.

warrior 4 years ago

do i need to apply the corstach wet or dru pls tell me thanks hope it works :)

ziren 4 years ago

Oh ! Thanks for this site :)

Gonna tell this to my friends if it really works .

Try this after i go to sleep .

Hope really works :)

GOnna post here again if it really works for me :)

(13 yrs.old)

anonymous 4 years ago

Oh ! Thanks for this site :)

Gonna tell this to my friends if it really works .

Try this (sorry )before ** i go to sleep .

Hope really works :)

GOnna post here again if it really works for me :)

(13 yrs.old)

juvia 4 years ago

what are the procedures

before putting the cornstarch in the face?

Shayshay 4 years ago

Thank you for this! I am going to try this!

yhatz 4 years ago

can u give me a corn starch please

mr.awesome 4 years ago

are you sure that there is no bad effect?

ziren 4 years ago

Thanks For This ! It really really works for me !

Thankss A lot for the Editor !;]

4 years ago

not sure if it works, but cornstarch just absorbs oil. baby powder does the same but has that awful smell. it's probably best to apply it with a makeup brush, or a cotton ball or pad. just brush it on like blush.

for those who don't know what cornstarch is, it's a thickening agent used in cooking. look in your kitchen for it.

i've been using cornstarch as a dry shampoo. and it's been working wonders for my hair.

Moa 4 years ago

Well i feel sorry 4 my self. Couldn't even get cornstarch. All i got is corn flour. Pain is z onlything that reminds me am still alive. Pls get me out of this trouble and be my hero!!

joann 4 years ago

hey!! i'll just want to ask if you only applied cornstarch directly without adding water or others. Please response to my questions. Thank you

maynard 4 years ago

im from the phillipines and im only 14 yrs old ihave pimples for 2 months........and how to apply it to ur face after you wash your face.....the cornstarch dry or wet??

pls. pm ur answer in my facebook

mylene_philippines 4 years ago

i will try this every night,thankful we have a cornstarch here.hope it work 2 times i went to see doctor cause of this skin problem,but they always giving me an antibiotic eat that until 4months but it doesn't work at all.its better to try this.

Ü 4 years ago

I must try this one .. :( thanks for sharing .. I hope it will work .. :D

dianne 4 years ago

effective ba talaga yan?

jayvee 4 years ago


Single-0 4 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful post...I'm really going to try this... I just hope it works...

RAR 4 years ago

i have a flawless skin before but after i broke up with my ex-bf, my pimples came out and it's so hard to get rid of it now eventhough i've moved on. i've tried many products for months already but nothing happened..

.i hope this one will work.

Sara 4 years ago

Tonight its the first time I try this. I hope it works and with no secondary effect on my face.

I want my flawless skin back (16 yrs old)

Jewel 4 years ago

It works indeed!

chesca 4 years ago

help me how to remove the pimples marks

jhob@phil 4 years ago

.. o.m ! It really works after 3-4 days all my pimples are gone !! Tnx to corn starch , I hope it works too to everyone !! :) 4 years ago

hey guys, does it really work? i hope it will work...

misumji 4 years ago

i hope it works ......

bianca 4 years ago

im only 12 years old .. i want to try it this evening

collen 4 years ago

hi miss , can you please put instruction , how to work it ? please tnx .. i have a big problem i have a lot of pimples can you add me on facebook ? tnx ... here is my facebook . . .

Camille 4 years ago

This was AWESOME

(12 years old)

My pimples might get worse

Though because I haven't had my period though

rachel 4 years ago

Tnx a lot for this information,im going to try this later...hope it will be the solution.

blakk07 4 years ago

Ms. Spots .. do ihave to wash it with soap in the morning ?? or just wit water ??

nikido.27 4 years ago

does it really work? I really don't know how to get rid of my pimples. hopefully it doesn't have any side effects at all. im gonna try this. Gonna update you on the result. :))

ross 4 years ago

it really works, i didn't use it like powder, but i used it like cream for about 1 hour.. before putting cornstarch , i wash my face and scrub it gently by the use of baking soda. i still have pimples but it lessen the breakouts. and my problem now is my dark spots.

carla cuba 4 years ago

i just try cornstarch tonight.. hope it will work to my face..

jhudie 4 years ago

hai po .my tanunq lanq po aku ,pano po ba matatanggal un itim sa mukha kuh dahil po un sa pimples kuh??sana po matulonga nio aku!!!!!! tnx po

lin 4 years ago

do i have to put water? , or just the powder on my face please reply thnx (:

Princess D 4 years ago

Does cassava starch work just as well?

lourdes 4 years ago

i wanna try this one, thank u ma'am for sharing :))

cindy13 4 years ago

hey , can you please help me ? what is the best solution to remove the pimples and acne ? because i didn't know what to do ! i'm so bothered coz' there are different suggestions from my friends , i used so many cleanser but nothings happen it still have and it makes me irritates most of the time .

Bryantzkie 4 years ago

is this work??

cuz i will really try it !!

and let my Classmates know it!

hotrod 3 years ago

il try it tonight, hope this one will work out.

esheng 3 years ago

are you sure it really work ? answer me pls.

Bubblezzz 3 years ago

i'm trying this tonight i hope it works because i have a choir performance soon and i'm spending my 2month in disneyland and i want to take tons of pictures but when in have pimples i don't feel like taking pictures if it works i will comment again :)

mhe17 3 years ago

ill try it tonigt....i hope so.\

mhe17 3 years ago

ill try it tonigt....i hope so.\

elesha 3 years ago

what soap did she used?

elesha 3 years ago

spotts17.. ahm... what Cornstarch sis she use? how many days does her pimples gone???

spotts17 profile image

spotts17 3 years ago from Mississippi Author

For those of you asking how to do it. Wash your face at night with any kind of soap and regular water. Do NOT skip this step. Blot your face dry with a clean towel. Do not rub it dry. Let your face completely air dry after you blot it. Apply DRY cornstarch to your face. Someone suggested using a makeup brush. That is an excellent idea. Make sure it is a new one because makeup brushes harbor bacteria. Sleep with it on. In the morning use regular water to rinse it off and once again blot it dry with a towel.

rheylene 3 years ago

any kind of cornstarch mrs spotts

vannesa 3 years ago

@spotts17 are u xur that cornstarch is really effective ?? i had many products i put in my face but it doesn't work ? i hope that cornstarch is effective to out a pimple :(

philippines 3 years ago

thank you!

hopetogetridofit 3 years ago

hi @spotts17, i just want to ask, if your daughter has an oily skin? coz i have.thanks!

philippines 3 years ago

hi @spotts17, i just want to ask, if your daughter has an oily skin? coz i have.thanks!

Callie 3 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH, I am going on a field trip to Downetta Idaho, it is a water park, and when my hair gets that wet I put my bangs up, but then my pimples show up I only have them on my forehead and it is bad so THANK YOU again

Callie 3 years ago

Does it work if your face is wet?

rockstarr 3 years ago

Mix baking soda and lemon juice till it forms a thick paste, put om your face leave it on as long as you can overnight is best. (it might sting.)

nick 3 years ago

thank you for everything i hope it will work...

agentyellow26 3 years ago

spotts17,can you post or show us a picture of your daughter from having pimples til present?....please don't think that i don't believe you,but i just want to see how good it is.thankyou.

jolie 3 years ago

It's true!! I got problems with pimples one month ago. It drove me crazy.. I tried most of products for acne, but it was zero!! I didn't help me at all and my acne got worse. One week ago, I searched all of things in my kitchen that possibly work for my face. I mixed mashed tomato, orange (sometimes lime or lemon), milk and cornstarch, then used it as mask. Unbelievable, I did it just 3 times, and today the pimples have gone!!!! When I touch my face, it's really smooth and nice. I have aloevera also. I apply its juice on my face every night before I sleep. I hope it helps everyone who have problem with pimples

emz 3 years ago

why do you keep on asking does it really works? why don't you read her blog. and once again you cant see the result if you don't even try it. it doesn't matter if you try and one more i think corn starch theres no bad effect in the skin. becouse it doesn't contain chemical subsatances

Rainier 3 years ago

can i use any brand of cornstarch ?

Mary 3 years ago

Is this good to use if my age is only 14 years old ?

Mary 3 years ago

is this good to use if my age is only 14 years old ?

memyselandI 3 years ago

It works for me! Tnx ;)

JEN 3 years ago


CHICHI 3 years ago

Does any kind of corn starch works?

Bb 3 years ago


I Have pimples when i was 15years old, And when i was 16 years old, its on acne Stage,. until now,I'm 18 Years old. And i Don't know what I'm going to do. I used different Cleanser . And It's Doesn't Work, And I also Consult A Dermatologist ,It Doesn't work Also.Can you recommend me This Cornstarch as the best way to devastate my pimples and acne?

Please Reply...

Jerry 3 years ago

How does you're daughter looks now ?

Jerry 3 years ago

I've read in the other website , it says


As fabulous as cornstarch can be for the skin, it should be avoided by people with acne prone skins. Cornstarch feeds the little mites on our skin (yes, we all have skin mites) creating the perfect ground for bacteria to grow, causing more pimples and breakouts.

I don't feel like doing it , because I'm scared. , I wanna get rid off all my pimples . I don't wanna have more pimps

ferdz 2 years ago

this is gonna work??

Dens 2 years ago

I will try this tonight. Thank you!

joe 2 years ago

Ill try this, and update you guys everynight. Hope this will work on my face :(

joe 2 years ago

So far, its positive

joe 2 years ago

Whoever get to read this article, give it a go. Since I read this, I always put cornstarch before I sleep and now my pimples are all gone. Ill continue using cornstarch because it also slowly removes pimple marks. Hope you guys get the same result :)) I feel pretty now!!

jj 2 years ago

If this works i will post another comment i will try this tonight

Illumi 2 years ago

What kind of cornstarch Joe?

Glass 2 years ago

I think I'll try it while my face is still wet, it worked ok when i applied it dry last night but i'll try it wet

temi 2 years ago

does it really work?

karen20 2 years ago

does it really works??? I tried it later.. I hope it works... thanks 4sharing...

azianne 2 years ago

Hope it will work bcus I'm so worried on how my pimples were gone and have a flawless face..

liki 2 years ago

it really works in 3 to 4 days you will see the results

v.j.honey 2 years ago

Hope it will work ...

iKhai 2 years ago

Gonna try this tomorrow evening i hope it will work on me. :D

Zedd 2 years ago

How did you apply it. I tried it but I made a paste out of it with water. Didn't work. Are u just supposed to put it as a powder?

sada 2 years ago

zedd yes apply it in powder form

han 2 years ago

Hope it works for me!! Huhu thank you for sharing!!

@Rdee 2 years ago

Gonna try this later...

yuki 2 years ago

Woooow will try this one

GrimZz 24 months ago

Any type of Cornstarch?

shivani 22 months ago

Can it help in removing scarce as well

lourdes 20 months ago

Oh my god i hope this is very effective..thanks for this very much

Maanne 20 months ago

Is this safe to use??

asdfg 18 months ago

can i use any type of cornstarch?

ZittsbeGone 13 months ago

Will try this one tonight. I will update you after 1 week. Goodluck!

Aivie 12 months ago

I started using it tonight.

Golds 8 months ago

I've known about this for all my life

I'm 47 yrs old now and I still use corn starch!!!

It truly works!!!

Aubrey 7 months ago

I tried this today. Im updating you after a week about the results.

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