Top 5 SuperModels of All Time

A lot of (catty and insecure) women use the word supermodel as a derogative term, implying that the word is synonymous with being too skinny or otherwise unhealthy. These chicks also get excited whenever they hear that a famous celebrity has gone fat is now covered in cellulite.

I'm no supermodel -- but, neither am I insecure. Why should I say scathing things about a woman who was born to be stunningly gorgeous? I'm comfortable with myself and my appearance and I don't need to trash women who are more beautiful than myself to get my self-esteem up -- and one of the ways women seem to bond these days is by doing exactly that.

Yes, some of today's supermodels are very skinny and unhealthy -- but the majority of women I see who fit this description are not models, but rather Hollywood actresses and socialites. Regardless, the real supermodel era was during the 90s, and those women were not too skinny -- they were curvy, sexy and hawt. That tradition is still carried on today, by plenty of supermodels, so I've included examples from both then and now on this list. Obviously these are my own personal faves; this list has nothing to do with who made the most money or who was the most famous.

Helena Christensen

I have had a girl crush on Helena Christensen ever since I saw her in Chris Isaak's Wicked Game video; I decided that I was going to look exactly like her when I was grown up. Unfortunately, I didn't take into account that I look completely unlike her and -- oh yeah, I'm not built like an Amazon. But even now I still find her eyes, hair and face to be such a stunning combination of beautiful. Her body is toned but still has curves in all the right places. This photo is more recent and she's a bit thinner than she used to be. To really see her in all her glory, watch the video.

Cindy Crawford

Is there anyone between the ages of 30 and 50 who doesn't know who this woman is? I was a teenager when she was supermodel of the world and she was everywhere. She's actually a bit too thin for my taste these days, but when she was one of the top supermodels she was fit, curvy and sexy.

I do confess that were was a period of time when I talked a lot of trash about her, but that was cos she was married to gorgeous hunk of man Richard Gere, and I wanted him for myself. Once they divorced, me and Cindy were cool again.

Claudia Schiffer

A lot of people said that Claudia Schiffer was successful because she looked like Brigitte Bardot... (see the intro to this article if you wonder who "they" were) but the truth is, Claudia Schiffer was successful because she looks like that! --------->>

She was another model that I wished I could turn into when I got older. Not a bad goal, I have to say. She's still modelling of course and she looks fantastic (although, again, a bit thin these days) in the recent ads I've seen.

Adriana Lima

If you're a Victoria's Secret shopper, you've seen Adriana Lima from cover to cover in your catalogue, and know that this girl looks better in her knickers than any other VS Angel. She is sex appeal personified, and she's fabulously feminine and curvaceous.

Obviously, it's totally possible to be a fit and healthy supermodel in the second millennium. Are there any men who don't drool over this girl? If I ever outgrow my Helena girl crush, Adriana is sure to be next.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch supermodel who you may recognize from Victoria's Secret. She's very cute and has a very wholesome look about her. She actually reminds me of Denise Richards, a bit. As you can see, this supermodel is not unhealthily thin -- she looks quite fit and curvy and radiates a nice glow.

Hopefully this is the look of the future; it would be nice to see all supermodels looking like this again.

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