Unusual Lockets

Lockets In History

I love lockets.
These necklaces inspire memories back to childhood when I received a heart-shaped locket that opened to hold two small pictures. Even back then, I was thinking of the daughter or granddaughter that I would pass it down to, with the cherished pictures still tucked inside.

Lockets have been around for centuries.  They have been used to carry pictures, hair, good luck charms, ashes, powder, poisons and keepsakes.  They have been made with a wide array of metals, and inlaid with pearls, gem stones and diamonds. 

I have an affinity for things unusual as well as functional, and I've come across several such lockets.  I hope you enjoy what I've found.

Amethyst with Sterling Silver Locket

This is a wonderful locket with it's genuine Amethyst stone and sterling silver design.  This was a design originally used as either a poison bottle, or a pill box.

It can be used now for keepsakes such as a lock of hair, a baby tooth, some essential oil, or a prayer scroll.  The lid screw on to keep your treasure safe.

Marcasite and Onyx

This locket is along the lines of a traditional locket, but is so beautiful with the sterling silver marcasite and the genuine onyx.  I can certainly imagine the recipient being thrilled with such a gift.

Amethyst Flower Marcasite Locket

I love this locket with it's intricate detail and the genuine amethyst gems.
The Sterling silver marcasite has a beautiful, almost sentimental pattern, that sets off the pale lavender flowers nicely.

Egyptian Locket

This Egyptian Silver Fortune Locket contains rolled Papyrus scrolls for love, happiness, prosperity, and more.  A great gift for anyone, especially for those liking Egyptian art.  This would be nice paired with an Egyptian Cuff Bracelet.

Celtic Knot and Heart Locket

A small cone-shaped box pendant with celtic knot and crowned heart decorations.  The lid opens to a secret compartment. 
It could contain a rolled prayer scroll, pill, essential oil or any other treasured keepsake.

The pendant is 1 3/8" tall and an 18" box chain come with it.

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mysisters profile image

mysisters 6 years ago

Nice Hub. I think these lockets are great! Very different!

lindajot profile image

lindajot 6 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon Author

I thought they were a lot of fun - thanks for stopping by.

Doggggg 6 years ago

These lockets are weaird

lindajot profile image

lindajot 6 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon Author

I guess I like wierd :)

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