White Teeth are Sexy

You look across the crowded room and spot the focus of your desire.  You notice the interest seems to be mutual and You give them your best, most beautiful "come hither" smile.  But wait a minute!  Are your teeth going to attract or repel them?  Giving yourself the gift of a gorgeous white smile is so easy these days.  There are many teeth whitening kits you can choose from that will give you a dramatic improvement to your over all image.

Coffee, smoking, age, and even high citrus foods will wreak havoc on your pearly whites.  Brushing often, flossing, getting a professional cleaning twice a year can all help maintain your teeth.  But are your teeth as brilliant as they can be?  If not get an over the counter teeth whitening kit once a year. 

There is such a large selection of teeth whitening kits to choose from.  There are strips that you adhere to your teeth and leave on from five minutes to a half hour.  There are trays that you put a mixture of whitening paste in and allow your teeth to soak.  There are also light kits that will use light treatment to whiten.  Which type you decide to use is up to you.  Some of these will work better on some teeth than others, so it may take a couple of tries before you find the kit that works the best on yours.

I've found that ordering teeth whitening kits online usually saves a lot more money than getting them from a drugstore.  A lot of them will come with coupons for other products like whitening toothpaste and mouthwash too.  The investment is minimal and very much worth it as once your teeth are whitened, they will stay whitened for at least a few months or even up to almost a full year.

When you notice your teeth becoming whiter, and your smiler is brighter, you are going to want to use it a lot more often.  You'll look happier, more self confident, and you'll feel more self confident.  Not only will this help your romance, it will help in every role you play in your life.

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GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California

Hey there! Great hub! Can you recommend one that you have used that works? I have purchased quite a few for my hubby (he smokes), but never know which one to get? Anyway, enjoyed this hub. Best, GPAGE

HappyHer profile image

HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH Author

Hey GPage! Thanks. I used the Crest Whitestrips Premium and was very happy with the outcome! I have a friend that swears by the Blue Light Technology though and her teeth are brilliant white.

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