6th Generation iPod Nano: How to Charge iPod Nano 6th Generation Anywhere in the World.


Docking Stations for 6th generation ipod

Charging 6th generation ipod nano worldwide

What would be the recommended way to charge a ipod nano 6th generation anywhere in the world?

Could you possibly plug it into a usb port in a internet cafe perhaps?

Or maybe even a wall charger/adaptor of the sorts?

But then you run into the problem, what if you don't have enough time to even charge your ipod in a internet cafe?

Even if you considered a battery charger, that requires you to obtain some batteries.

Universal 6th generation ipod charger

Many chargers today work in the United States, but unfortunately no-where else in the world.

When you think about it, batteries would be cheaper then spending money on various adaptors compatible for every single country.

Also you have to consider the ipod nano 6th generation is a small sensitive device that could possibly be fried-out very easily if you are not careful.

You wouldn't want, to plug just any old adaptor into it, and make it a "crispy-critter".

The simple answer to this question is to get a universal USB worldwide adaptor.

Hope this helps.

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