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Earth-friendly drive

The ATP EarthDrive is the world's first bio-recyclable USB drive that is also built of pure bio-recycled materials. The EarthDrive is capable of holding itself against everyday wear-and-tear because all vital flash components are entirety protected from water, dust, and shock.

Two-seater fun

The Rumbleseat from Boomchair helps spread the fun of immersing yourself in the game with the another person since it comes in a two-seater form factor. Not only that, it features wireless connectivity to virtually any A/V device, ensuring that your living room floor will not be a tripping hazard in the process. You can choose from Black/Red, Blue Microsuede, and Gray Microsuede colours.

Entertainment intact

Acer has just unveiled its brand new entertainment notebook called the Gemstone Blue. It features full high definition display support (that means 1,920 x 1,080 at the very least), and an optional Blu-ray drive for you to enjoy the latest movies in unprecedented clarity among others. What users will get from this 18.43 notebook is a high definition LCD display with Intel's Centrino-brand processor providing all the necessary computing horsepower within, complemented by Intel's OM965 Express Chipset. Other features include integrated WiFi support, enough room to throw in up to a couple of 320GB hard drives, etc.

Darkness? no problem!

Night drivers always come face problems of contrasting and reflecting headlight of other cars, making the drive very risky. Moreover, lights from the sign boards and streetlights reflect and adds into night-time driving hazards. Fortunately, high-end sports watch maker Tag Heuer has created a pair of Night Vision glasses to help drivers to see - even when no light is cast.

Refresh yourself

A bad office can slow you down mentally. All that grime and sweaty air seriously cannot be that good for your body. If you find yourself in this problem, then grab yourself a Portable Oxygen bar. The oxygen bar from O2 Innovations provides you with cleaner air which helps you to clear your mind. In the box you get a headset, aromatherapy from Bee Happy, Nose Hoses, filters and relaxation CDs.

Need more ice?

This simple device can freeze up to a dozen cubes of ice in just 10 minutes. When you're serving a lot of guests at a large gathering, a steady supply of ice is always needed. The freezer accomplishes this feat by utilising a highly efficient compressor which can freeze at much faster rates than a regular freezer can.

For wannabe guitarists

This motion-sensing electronic guitar simulator is perfect for the new learners of guitar who have graduated beyond air-guitar and tennis rackets, but have not quite got to grips with the real thing yet! Pre-programmed rhythms and an instructive guided learning feature will ensure great sounds in no time at all. So, raise your fist in the air and rock out with the V Beat Guitar for super shredding solos and raucous rhythms!

Watch out for the haunted PC

With the Phantom Keystroker you can hoodwink your friends anytime. It looks like any other circuit board, but in reality, it wreaks havoc in your victim's life. The Keystroker is hooked up to any available USB port on your victim's computer, and boasts the ability to emulate a keyboard and mouse, performing totally random mouse movements while typing unusual text and phrases as though the PC was haunted by some sort of gremlin inside.

Groove on the floor

The i-Spin dancing speaker robot has the ability to move around on the dance floor and wiggle its ears to the beat of the ambient music. The i-Spin can also connect to an MP3 player such as the iPod. Basically, you just have to attach the music, and the little Dogbert wannabe starts moving with the rhythm.

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nytclubber 8 years ago

cool devices. i especially like the last one, the dogbert. i love music especially electronic dance music and with this dancing robot, it would be more fun to dance with!

TroyM profile image

TroyM 6 years ago

Hey, to date, nothing beats the Droid :)

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