Apple iPod Nano 16 GB 5th Generation: Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod has just brought of its finest gadget from the previous Apple iPod touch 32 GB, Apple iPod touch 8 GB to this new and innovative device. Here are some of the features, benefits and disadvantages of the Apple iPod Nano technology

Features and Advantages of Apple Nano iPod

  • Beauty Outlook – This device has got a great outlook and design which makes perfect for those who likes smart and good looking gadgets
  • Great Sound Quality – the Nano iPod has got about 15 modes that you will be able to choose from in order to have great sound quality
  • Great Video Quality – if you like high quality video then it has got the best Camera to use
  • The Apple Nano iPod has got one of the greatest FM radio feature which is amazingly functional with clear and quality sound
  • The other beauty of Apple iPod Nano is that it has got relatively smaller mother board form factor which makes it easy to carry

  • Has got good battery life span, which will reduce your Apple iPod parts replacement
  • It has got built in video camera with high quality video pictures and photos, if you video and photo taking fun then this is the device t use
  • Has got quality MP3 than other gadgets on the market

Disadvantages of Apple iPod Nano

  • Storage capacity may not be sufficient for user with many videos and games, as it can only takes up to 16 GB
  • You won’t be able to play music or videos without headphone, this is one of the major draw backs of the Apple iPod Nano 16 GB
  • Apple iPod Nano sizes is very small and can easily sneak out of your pocket and fall down
  • Should be handle with a lot of care otherwise it will break even with one day after purchase

You can purchase your Apple iPod Nano 16 GB at any online stores that offers great prices for it customers. With that said you will be able to make informed decision when buying Apple iPod Nano 16GB

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brijesh 5 years ago

needs high care

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