6th Generation iPod Nano: Don't Get Caught Without a Screen Protector or Else

6th generation ipod nano screen protetors

Most of the screen protectors are easy to remove without any sticky residue.

Thank goodness for that, nothing worse then getting all that "glue-like" junk on your hands and no-matter how well you would try to wash it off it never seemed to fully come off.

The 6th generation ipod nano screen protector is made of a durable film.

This will retain the full color vibrancy and life of your 6th generation ipod nano's surface.

The screen protector is specifically designed to help protect your 6th generation ipod nano's screen against those pesky unwanted scratches .

Normally they come pre-cut so no cutting here.

No need for measuring or overlapping film.

It is purchased with a 100% perfect match size to protect the front of the 6th generation ipod nano's screen.

I do have to say please do not perform installation in a dusty environment. Also read installation steps about the front and back protector layers before performing installation.

I am stressing this because the screen protector is made of a silicone adhesive coating so that means you can get dust and fuzzy's on it.

I do have to say it takes a we bit of skills to install these screen protectors on the 6th generation ipod.

The best advice is to please be patient, while applying the protectors.

If you are having any issues with bubbles, you could clean the screen protectors and try again.

Now If bubbles are still showing, you could use a blow dryer with light heat for 5 to 10 seconds.

One more thing there is always a nice little microfiber cloth that comes with them so you are able to wipe off the finger prints and dust marks to make it look good as new!

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6th generation ipod screen protector

The 6th generation ipod nano screen protector prevents against the god awful glare along with dust and scratches.

Many are made from high-grade material designed for durability.

Unlike previous screen protectors which were flimsy,cheap, and worthless.

How to properly install a screen protector

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