Are you Addicted to Your iPhone?

Go buy an iPhone!

What is addiction:

is a persistent behavioral pattern marked by physical and/or psychological dependency that causes significant disruption

An iPhone addiction: This includes....

Consistently looking at you iPhone, downloading apps, it's disrupting your life, and it revolves around you.

Persistent behavior: um...yeah I would agree. It's always in my pocket and ready for anything.

Dependency: I am dependent on it. Have you ever gone without it? It would be really hard but sometimes we do need to put our electronics aside and enjoy nature.

Disruption: It does cause disruption especially when you are talking to someone and trying to play with your iPhone.

I really enjoy my iPod and iPhone. It has everything that I need in one pocket size case. Music, GPS, internet, reciepes, games (my favorite Scrabble and Sims 3), calendar, weather, medications, photos, videos, radio, piano, nursing apps, Period tracker, my diary, etc...

It's so easy and helpful in so many ways.


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