Best Bluetooth Headsets for Orange San Francisco

What are the Best Hands Free Headsets for the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade

After looking for a long time at the smartphones but not wanting one enough to warrant a £300+ purchase I finally bought after much research an Orange San Francisco. At a bargain price of £99 and with the full Android 2.1 OS and capacitive touch screen, it seems the Orange San Francisco is the touchscreen smartphone bargain of the year. It has 3g and Wifi internet with a good range, radio, upgradable Android OS (some people already have Android 2.2 updated on their phones, although I personally don't see the point at this time), 3.2 megapixel camera, as well as bluetooth. With many features from phones costing over £200 this rebranded ZTE Blade has been flying off the shelves with many Orange stockists being sold out at its £99 buy price. Truely a budget smartphone in price, but not on features. It also looks fairly smart, although obviously not HTC Desire smart, but it is not HTC Desire price either. A lot of people compare it in features to the HTC Wildfire which again is nearly twice the price. Whilst it's not quite as good as the Wildfire (camera wise, looks (opinion obviously)), you would be hard pushed to think the phone is £80 cheaper if you did not know. In fact I think the screen with its bright 480x800 resolution screen vs the Wildfire's 320x240 has a lot of advantages for someone like me who likes to browse the web on the go.

For those Orange customers (and unlocked T-Mobile / Vodafone San Francisco customers) looking for a decent hands free bluetooth headset for the San Francisco, here are a selection of superb bluetooth devices to get the most out of your wireless life with this great Google Android smartphone whatever your budget.

Bluetooth Headsets are not just for wannabe Taxi Drivers
Bluetooth Headsets are not just for wannabe Taxi Drivers
Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset 14.99
Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset 14.99


This bluetooth headset is a great buy in my opinion. It is compact, smart looking and does exactly what you expect. For those looking for a simple handset that is discreet and just does the job its great. Its very easy to pair and setup so if you prefer this type of bluetooth headset for your phone then its probably for you. The only downside is it comes with its own charger, but on the upside the battery life is good. At £15 its a bargain really.

Images of the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset

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Plantronics Voyager ProEarphone side of the bluetooth deviceHow the Voyager Pro bluetooth headset works
Plantronics Voyager Pro
Plantronics Voyager Pro
Earphone side of the bluetooth device
Earphone side of the bluetooth device
How the Voyager Pro bluetooth headset works
How the Voyager Pro bluetooth headset works

BEST BUY BLUETOOTH HEADSET - Plantronics Voyager Pro

While you may think buying a headset half the price of your phone a bit mad this bluetooth headset is proven quality. The Voyager Pro headset has superb noise cancelling features and is ideal in windy conditions. The battery life is a good six hours talktime which outlasts the San Francisco itself, so you will have no worries with this bluetooth stunner. Stunner is the right word as I think it looks really smart. While larger than the Jabra it still is fairly small, but thankfully its polished finish look is more business rather than taxi driver. The Plantronics Voyager Pro is nice and quick to setup and features various ear pieces, so whatever type you prefer and whatever the size of your ears you should find a piece that fits nicely. It is pricey but it really is a nice piece of kit which is very tempting. Also it charges via mini USB which comes in very handy.

Check out this cheesy but impressive video showing the Voyager Pro's wind features

Bluetooth Hand Free Car Option - Avantalk BTCK-10B

If you only ever use a bluetooth hands free kit when in the car then another option would be this device from Avantalk. To give it its full name the Avantalk BTCK-10B Blue Multipoint Bluetooth Visor Handsfree Wireless Speakerphone Car Kit is a clever little hands free kit that clips to your sun visor. The best thing about this kit is its price, just over a tenner, and its simplicity. It is no fuss, easy pairing with your phone and has just a few buttons so you can answer and hang up easily. I have seen some kits like this which are a nightmare, and this is refreshingly simple. Great bit of kit which can be just left on your sun visor.

Video showing how the BTCK-10B Works

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Mark 6 years ago

I'm typing this on my San Francisco. I'm looking for an A2DP adaptor. I have a Sony unit with another phone and I may get another HBH-DS200 or similar.

theelhub profile image

theelhub 6 years ago from UK Author

Nice one. Its a great phone! Love the San Francisco. You can modify it a lot

Mark 6 years ago

I've tried a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-DS205 with the Orange San Francisco for music (A2DP) and it glitches.

I've concluded that the phone isn't up to it.

I have stock firmware and a small number of apps. Any ideas ?

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