Claw Machine Games for your cell phone


There's a nice variety of "claw machine" iphone apps available if you know where to find them.

Some of the games in this list are "lite" apps which are usually shorter, cheaper versions of the full game for you to give it a try.

Some full versions of these games may be available.

Click on the links to see reviews of the games, screen shots and other details.

Take time to read reviews so you can choose which app you might be interested in buying.

If you enjoy the claw machine, skill crane, ufo catcher and crane games, you will probably enjoy these apps.

TIPS: Read the specifications for the games to make sure the app will work properly on your device.

From itunes App Store

PRIZE CLAW (Game Circus LLC)


ARCADE CLAW (John Moffett)


EZ MAGIC BOX (EZ for Phone Inc)

Preschool Arcade (3DAL,LLC)

Cute Cube Lite (Think! Studio Pte Ltd)

The Yellow Bus Crane (Matsi)

Doll Grabber (O.A.T. Mobile)

More Claw Machine Games I Added to This Hub Recently

From Digital Chocolate


This is a fun game pack that I have played and all of the carnival games in this pack are good, buts its really fun playing the "Claw of Destiny" where you try to grab prizes in the claw machine. Cute graphics.

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Game Arcade profile image

Game Arcade 5 years ago from US Author

Thanks OutsideTheLines! I'm glad you enjoy prize claw and I appreciate your comment.

OutsideTheLines profile image

OutsideTheLines 5 years ago from Tulsa, OK

I play prize claw all the time! It's pretty addictive. Great suggestions!

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