Ctrl Key Stuck? Here's How to Fix It


That's the sound most people make when they find themselves with a spontaneously locked keyboard, that only allows them to use the keys for command controls. You press "F" and the "find" tool comes up. You press "s" and you save something or go right to your pictures. You press "B" and everything becomes bold or your bookmarks open up.

This kind of issue is extremely annoying to all forms of users, and has been a constant source of HP outrage for sometime, though most especially with the release of the G series computers. From what I can tell, it appears to be an inherent problem with the computers themselves, though the interesting part is that just about every complaint made to HP Support, has been reported as a "first time" occurrence.

This makes things even more frustrating for those of us who turn to the people who are supposed to help us out of ctrl-jams like this (HP Support). This is an issue that I hope HP addresses and fixes very soon, as it can be more than just annoying when you're in the middle of writing a hub and you suddenly lose the ability to type words or do anything significant.

How To "Unstuck" Your Ctrl Key

Regardless of why it happens (mostly because I don't know why), or how long until HP takes care of their business, I have come across a some fixes after several days of frustration with a brand new HP G Series laptop that repeatedly got stuck. You have one of 3 choices:

  1. Press the right Ctrl key several times in quick succession.
  2. Press and hold both Ctrl keys at the same time
  3. Shut down and Restart your computer

I have tried out all of these options, all of which have worked for me to remove the stuck control key.

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How it may happen 4 years ago

On the PC I am working on the control key remains stuck if I press the Alt Gr (right Alt key) key + the right control key at the same time.

Carmen 4 years ago

Thank you! This has been such a big help and it worked right away! Saved my day! :,D

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 4 years ago from Seattle Author

You are very welcome Carmen! =)

unvrso profile image

unvrso 4 years ago from Mexico City

Very easy and useful way to fix a stuck CTRL key. I will try it on my computer if the event arises.

Voted useful!

colded 4 years ago

They were always working


But I don't know why they don't now x)

Georgia 23 months ago

You're awesome! I held both control keys down and it worked. Others out there said to do a whole bunch of other crazy stuff

andy 20 months ago

thank you so much! was getting frustrating

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