D5100 Nikon DSLR Camera Review

Nikon Company is proud to publicize the release of its latest line of camera, the D5100 Digital SLR Camera. The latest released product is an innovative version of the Nikon D500 camera. There are many new significant improvements comprise in this state of the art digital camera which include 14-MP Nikon sensor, the camera controls and camera framework are still the same to previous model however comprise with a D3100 sensor as well as EN-EL14.

Latest Enhancements

An enhancement to the D500 12 megapixel, the D5100 Digital SLR Camera provides some features which may entice the owners of D500 to upgrade which include full 1080p High Definition video, a better and bigger clear LCD screen, wider burst mode capability, expanded ISO, Live View and Full-time auto focus as well as special effects for at rest and video taking.

Basic Features

The D5100 Digital SLR Camera employs semi manual, manual as well as auto exposure modes together with 16 view modes. The Nikon’s Picture Control is presets for Neutral, Monochrome, Landscape, Standard, Portrait and Vivid, with adaptable sharpness, saturation, brightness, contrast and hue can be utilized in relation with semi manual, program auto as well as manual modes for modifies image capture. The advanced Active D-Lightning aids keeps in highlights and shadows, High ISO sound reduction, Long Exposure, Interval shooting, Multiple Exposure and a brand new High Dynamic Range.

The Nikon D5100, along with its unique effect enhancement ability, aids photographers maximize their picture taking as well as producing originality without utilizing extra graphic processing applications on their PC to reprocess the picture which they have taken. Selective color Effects is one of those unique effects which can be well thought out quite interesting. Through utilizing this special effect, photographers can select to three various colors which are wish to appear in the picture and change the rest of the colors in the picture to grayscale.

The D5100 is lighter and slightly smaller that it’s forerunner, measuring 5 by 3.8 by 3.1 and weighing 19.7 ounces and at ease to hold and whole body is properly balanced. As recommended always that you fund for the supreme and top quality lens you can get for the accurate results. On the other hand, the latest SLR by Nikon doesn’t come with AF motor; therefore you have to purchase an AF lens so as to utilize the AF feature.

Advantage of D5100 SLR Camera

The D5100 is easy to use. The camera controls are visibly labeled and seem right for someone who has utilized a DSLR. Adjustable ISO function button which is more efficient compared to utilizing the interactive LCD to make alteration. The 4 way multiple selector pads are great for manually choosing focal points. It has an adjustable LCD screen offer more flexibility when taking pictures and video, low light shooting and various especial effects.

The Key Features of Nikon D5100 SLR Camera

  • 30 inches LCD monitor
  • 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
  • 11 Auto Focus points with 3 dimensional tracking
  • IS0 with 100-6400 range
  • HD movies
  • 4 fps incessant shooting

All in all, the D5100 Nikon SLR is a good product that comprises state-of-the-art features suitable for amateur and professional photographers.

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