Differences between SQL and MySQL

Many programmer and many students have a little confusion about the difference between SQL and MySQL. It's a common question to the new programmer about the differences between them. If you browse several blog or blog posts or forum posts related to SQL and MySQL, you may notice several questions like What is the difference between SQL and MySQL? or What is the main difference SQL and MySQL? or Mention the simple difference between SQL and MySQL. or Is SQL is a part of MySQL? or Why MySQL differs from SQL? or Does SQL and MySQL are the same? etc. To answers this type of questions, this page is written. Moreover, most interview board asks these type of questions at the interview time. So, to know about these types of question's answers, just read the followings...

Differences between SQL and MySQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It's a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases.

MySQL is a database management system, like SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Informix, Postgres etc. MySQL is a RDMS (Relational Database Management System). All types of RDMB use SQL.

SQL is used to manipulate database or to create a database. It's actually a common language. MySQL is an actual computer application. You must need to download or collect it and install it. MySQL is one of the most popular open source database management system. MySQL has an SQL interpreter.

MySQL can be used as the back engine database for several kinds of applications and it's one of the best choice for many web programmers for web-base application.

All these are the differences between SQL and MySQL. If you want to mention further differences, you may add them to the comment section.

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agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 7 years ago from Australia

Thanks rancidTaste that cleared up my query.

deepak 7 years ago

my understanding on the above description: as you install My SQL, "SQL" interpreter will come along with the product.

ccc 7 years ago


thiyagarajan 6 years ago

i am reading and learning the sql and mysql server

6 years ago

thank you for posting!

bala murugan.R 6 years ago

iam reading sql and mysql

Welwisher 6 years ago

Give the exact diference ok!

selgovdeeprag 6 years ago

ya its useful:)

but pls give the main difference...

Pooja 6 years ago

Nice tutorial, now I know the the exact difference.


pankaj 6 years ago

Hey, I have one question. If MySQL is interprets SQL, then can we create table is MySQL?

James Chiran 6 years ago

Not clear about difference.

umar 6 years ago

superb man great love it

kainat 6 years ago

well nice ... sql is language and mysql is a system ... ( Got the difference ........ the above ones )

nishant 6 years ago

excellent. simple language. to the point

STUDENT 6 years ago

thank you... it helped.

Boopathi 6 years ago

well.. it is nice ans... i know mysql and sql(basic).. i expect more ans... ple contact my id boopathi.info@yahoo.in .. thank you...

MF 6 years ago


akshar 6 years ago

thanks a lot...understood the difference...

HAROON 6 years ago


ramkishor sahu 6 years ago

yes....this is the main difference i satified ....thanks

Geetika sharma 6 years ago

Thanx for Difference B'caz bit of know that

kiran darekar 6 years ago

thank now i know the difference

ganesh 6 years ago

thank you !

I was needy of this Ans.

noorin profile image

noorin 6 years ago from Canada

Thanks rancidTaste. Helpful hub, rated it up and looking forward for more of ur technical hubs. =)

ashish 6 years ago

i was looking for this such a simple difference.

Rajesh GY 6 years ago

Very nice and easily understandable

myai.. 6 years ago

thanks...now it's clear

ANUJ 6 years ago

i need that satisfied

sunayana 6 years ago

Thanks..i never knew this even after having my engg degree...very nicely explained...

kiran 6 years ago

Thanx.... i was satisfied

yogesh 6 years ago


it's very effective

Amit 6 years ago

this was the question asked i was been asked in interview,,i was unable to answer it there.after reading this I got to know abt it.thanks for share.

Mahendra 6 years ago


its really useful...

vengadesh  6 years ago

now only clear about sql and mysql thanks for your guid

SIVAN RAJ C 6 years ago




mahfy 6 years ago

thanks for sharing this knowledge now i got to knw the difference actually this was asked in my viva after that i desperate to knw this.

911 6 years ago

Thanks for the info, its pretty clear.

Liju 6 years ago

thanks 4 ur nice ans..............

rajesh chaparala 6 years ago

pls explain some points

niraj 6 years ago

it's answer help me to complete my pratical question ....

niraj 6 years ago

it's answer help me to complete my pratical question ....

kumar 5 years ago

it is answer easy to help, and so thanks

rajeshc 5 years ago

Nice, I understood the difference:)

rajeshc 5 years ago


Your answer is



But it's not true.

SQL is Common Language. Its a interpreter for MYSQL. So your answer is wrong.

mathi 5 years ago

very nice ans

rajeshc urs ans is right

sunil 5 years ago

ya thanks for the difference.

NIRMAL 5 years ago

Thanks, i think now it's clear..................

Bds prakash 5 years ago

thaks it's a clarification to me

DORS 5 years ago


kajoo 5 years ago

eshta 3alek :D

kajoo 5 years ago

You're not comparing the same things.

SQL is a language. Specifically, the "Structured Query Language".

MySQL is one of several database systems..

rakesh miyan , sandeep gusain 5 years ago

my doubt has been clear , but tell me wiyh example

sreekanth 5 years ago

no queries all clear

thank you

deepak chaudhary 5 years ago

pls make me understand the main difference between them

Bibin tv 5 years ago

I Got A base Of These 2.

kabuubi fulgensio 5 years ago

thanks a bunch....i understand the difference now...now that i have also read abt sqlplus where sql commands are executed against oracle db , its very clear to me

pooja 5 years ago

go 2 hell

chalam 5 years ago

Good effort, please continued....

Thank you for your effort..

Anandkumar s b 5 years ago

i satisfied with the ans

gnanasekar 5 years ago

nice one,

sql is a database but,

mysql is managing all database management...

one more doubt,wht is differance between oracle and sql..pls post as soon possible....

shwetank 5 years ago

sql is paid software -mysql is open source software

chander 5 years ago

I was more looking for the syntactical differences rather than general differences.

siva 5 years ago

I understood the difference.

kapil 5 years ago

thanks for information

vinoth 5 years ago


raman raj verma 5 years ago

thanx for the info.............

Raju 5 years ago

sql is stored the client data

mysql is manage the every databases data

gowri 5 years ago

thank you for this answers and i need sample code or Queries show in website or this post next time

Balram Malav 5 years ago

I agree this post.

vinoth 5 years ago

thank you for the clarification need more explanation for future

vinoth 5 years ago


varun 5 years ago

thanks dude it's use full information

Bishakha 5 years ago

I got my answer....... and it is really useful.... Thanks....

Farhia 5 years ago

I got very usefull article that suitable in mysql and sql thank u.

Gulshan kumar 5 years ago

Thanks Rancid for the clarification & i satisfied with your answer.

ansonabey profile image

ansonabey 5 years ago from Bangalore, India

was searching for a good answer to this question.

Valuable info !!

Thanks for sharing

tobagur 5 years ago

No one said the correct answer

Sona 5 years ago

Thanks,information was usefull

dhiyva 5 years ago

need still clear explaination...

ravneet 5 years ago

sql and mysql both are the application software to manage the database then why we moved to the mysql?

raj 5 years ago

Ravneet sql is structured query language and mysql in a computer application which uses sql interpreter means mysql uses sql queries to manage the database

Ramtin 4 years ago

Thanks, very useful

Mayur 4 years ago

Its nice i cleared my concept.

sravani 4 years ago


but there is a confusion still about the difference.

the information very usefull n thank u.

sangamesh patil 4 years ago

sir i want to know what is the difference between sql and my sql syntax.

arun 4 years ago

very nice

A Ghatol 4 years ago


manoj kumar 4 years ago

thanx it is very nice difference between sql and my sql

well wisher 4 years ago

informative one...thanx for ur helping mentality..may god bless u...

BHOOMI 4 years ago


komal 4 years ago

what is the difference between oracle and sql

komal S. 4 years ago

Very good explaination about mysql............

Satish 4 years ago

Nice info. As said, thumbs up to you :)

vini 4 years ago

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx....now i understand the diff b/w sql & mysql.

thank u so much

madhurya 4 years ago

i am not a IT student i don't under stand what are these terms back end. if you don't mine can you explain clearly, i am new to sql

sri 4 years ago

Nice information

Biswajeet 4 years ago

Really helpfull with the simplest and effective way.


Mays 4 years ago

thank you :)

vijay 4 years ago

thank you. Now i knew the difference between sql & mysql

bijesh 4 years ago

Nice information

sampath 4 years ago

thanks ,but not in detailed.....

gourav 4 years ago

Thanks... Sir.. I come iut from my Enigma...

dashrath mahto 4 years ago

thanks ..........i hope it will be more detail

kay 3 years ago

than x ,they were helpful.

Amme 3 years ago

Please give more specific.


Awais ALi Channa from Kotri Mohammad kabir. 3 years ago

SQL is the product of Microsf and MySql is the open sourse.

Syed Farhan 3 years ago

Thanks for removing such type of minor confusion in a lucid manner.

Ngaunje 3 years ago

Thanx man it helps

lokesh 3 years ago

thank You for clear difference between both .(sql & mysql)

it's help me very much....

Mark Loui U. Waffer 3 years ago

The explanation is very good i really like the news about MySQL has an SQL interpreter.:)

amar 3 years ago

Difference Between MySQL and Oracle

. MySQL is an open source database system whereas Oracle is a RDBMS developed by Oracle Corporation.

. MySQL supports more platforms as compared to Oracle database.

. Oracle – doubles DBA productivity, eliminates data center redundancy and maximizes availability, consolidates and clusters enterprise applications onto scalable, fast and reliable private clouds, reduces the risk of change by doubling the DBS productivity

. MySQL – high reliability, ease of use, high performance, provides wide variety of database tools, services, training and support

. Both the databases come in different editions

Read more: http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-betwee...

husnain 3 years ago


anujkumar 3 years ago


ramesh 3 years ago

it's nice...thanku.

parmeshwar 3 years ago

Thanks. It's nice description...

iq 3 years ago

what are the applications of MYSQL ??

it is only use in web server??

praphulla 3 years ago

thnx a lot

balu 3 years ago


nisha 2 years ago

well it is nice ans....but i need more information

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