Easy to Comment on DoFollow Blogs

Easy to Comment on DoFollow Blogs

It's no secret that Google is in a constant battle with those that use illicit means to promote their websites. As of today (September 20th, 2010) there has not been a PageRank update in over six months. This is because Google is hard at work devaluing the sites of those that buy and sell links: A practice which is frowned upon in the Kingdom of Googleland. They hate people who do this so much that maybe this lapse in updating the PR is a sign of things to come: It's possible that they'll stop doling out an arbitrary value that you can see in your gray bar. This will prevent us from ever having the compulsion to sell that value in the form of links to the highest bidder.

Remember the good old days prior to 2005 when we were all a bunch of spammers? It was a free-for-all! The internet was like the wild west...Leave a comment on someone elses site and you'd be stealing a little bit of their PageRank. We were all scurrying around grabbing little bits of link juice like Ewoks in 'Return of the Jedi.' But then Google (the Empire) rolled in (infact, I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Cutts dressed up like Darth Vader for this occasion) but instead of firing lasers at us it was the NoFollow attribute. This foiled all of our dreams to one day have popular blogs.

But then hope came and it wasn't dressed like Luke Skywalker. It was simply removing to NoFollow tag to return your blog back to being DoFollow. Since then there has been a growing community of bloggers dedicated to bringing things back to what they were prior to 2005.

One of the benefits to making your blog a DoFollow one is that you'll immediately get some traffic from those cruising around the interweb looking to promote their own sites by leaving comments. While some may find this shallow audience an annoyance, more traffic equals a higher Alexa rank.

 I've visited a lot of DoFollow lists, search engines, and directories, commenting on 100's of sites. You'll find good DoFollow blogs hard to come by. Many have low PageRank and if a blog isn't updated regularly it'll be deindexed by Google. That's why I created my own list of easy to comment on DoFollow blogs that have higher PageRanks. This is a list of sites that I've found very useful...

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blumajik profile image

blumajik 6 years ago from In The Right Frequency

I think the cost of free traffic will be the down fall of some sites nowadays.Google would whether have paid traffic coming in vs Free PR in my opinion.It all works for them anyway.

Real Estate Properties Brokers Mumbai 6 years ago

i agree dofollow comment we get an extra and free traffic

Derrick T Spruiell 6 years ago

Great article with lots of resources referenced. Some of us older generation get it.


Pet Bird Interaction 6 years ago

Yes i agree too.

Visual Impact Muscle Building 5 years ago

I visited both of the links you shared here. I found the both useful. Thanks for sharing such useful Hub. Keep writing. And I voted this Hub. :)

lån penge 5 years ago

Thank you for a good dofollow list

Penile Secrets Review 5 years ago

After reading your post, it seems commenting on dofollow blog is really easy.

writing companies 5 years ago

Awesome post. I am really impressed from this blog. It’s very useful for us. Thanks

Friv 5 years ago

Thanks for the post. I appreciate the info on blog comments and will surely start looking out for people who are using automated programmes for making blog comment posts.

Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer 5 years ago

Where's the list here???

411Pain 5 years ago

We are always looking to get links. and definitely this is the easiest technique, but there advantages and disadvantages of it.

Fade out cream 5 years ago

Great article post.

Thanks for posting.

japh 5 years ago

i agree. thanks for this.


ChicagoLimo 4 years ago

Great Advice. Will start commenting starting with this one :).


la escorts 4 years ago

Glad to see your blog here so keep it up

rocky asad 4 years ago

gratitude for distribution such a pleasant mission with all of us, i was in look for of do follow blogs for link building, and i am happy that i have landed to the correct piece of paper.Does it comprise PR’s as well for persons do follow blogs?


ShaamCA profile image

ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to build links.we must post comments related to the blog post.

Ryan 4 years ago

Thank you for a perfect blog. Really it is very helpful to me.

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proxy voter 4 years ago

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Red Dog Carpet 4 years ago

This layout is so stellar. How did you manage to make a blog thats as smart as it is sleek? I mean, its like an Aston Martin --smart and sexy at the same time. I've got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this blog again. But now that Ive read what you've got to say, Ive got to share it with the world!....

lightning cable docks 4 years ago

I believe this website contains some real good info for everyone

Hisroyalflyness profile image

Hisroyalflyness 2 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia

Contains some real info for people. Good to learn about PageRank


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