Easy Fix For: HTTP Port (80), HTTPS Port (443) and FTP (21)

Can't Connect To Internet? An Easy Fix.

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A Fix For: HTTP Port (80), HTTPS Port (443) and FTP (21)

So after spending nearly 5 grueling hours trying to figure out how to get online, I finally solved it. However here is what happened, and your story is probably similar.

I was browsing the Internet like I always do, and suddenly I keep getting anti-virus pop ups from some Antispyware Pro. Turned out this annoying non-stop pop up was a virus that consistently would pop up fake virus warnings.

Thankfully I was smart enough to know that all of the pop ups were fake.

I ran my anti-virus Malwarebytes, and got rid of the virus. That was the easy part.

I went to sign on to the Internet, and dang it. I get this annoying message that tells me that Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage.

After running a diagnose I got this infamous little speech; a speech in which I had no clue what it meant.

It goes as follows:

Check The Firewall settings for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP (21)

I couldn't even get on to the net to google help on how to fix it. So I started messing around with some of my Internet settings until finally I figured it out.

A quick and easy fix took me hours to figure out, so I wanted to spare those of you who are dealing with this issue the headache.

Go to your Internet browser. Look at the right hand corner of your screen for a little fellow that says TOOLS.

If you for some reason cannot find it, just go to your control panel, and click INTERNET OPTIONS.

After clicking Internet Options, find the tab that says CONNECTIONS.

Click on this tab, and look to the very bottom, a small tab will read LAN SETTINGS. Click it. A new box will appear, check and make sure you UN-CHECK all of the boxes. If one of them is checked it could be causing the connectivity issue.

So that is basically it. Un-Check all of the boxes in your LAN SETTINGS tab.

Run your Internet explorer, and it should now work fine.

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Thankful person 7 years ago

Thank you so much! Due to this, IE7 is working again~

Evan 6 years ago

Thanks, it fixed my problem. Someone should disable that Antispyware pro

internet withdrawl 6 years ago

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.... I too spent too many hours trying to fix this very simple problem. THanks so much for posting the fix!!!!

silkyj 6 years ago

thanks man haha why do=idn't everyone else just write this hahaha thanks again

rich 09 07 2010 6 years ago

work just like you said. great!!!!!!!!!!

marc 6 years ago

thabk you, i was browsing google for hours trying to fix this. You must be a GOD to have solved this. Many thanks to you

Sam 6 years ago

Thank you bro theeeeeeeeeee best

Dee 6 years ago

thank you so much it people like you that don't charge us idiots how to fix these problems that give headaches..

Really appreciate your advice

John 6 years ago

UFB...what a great and easy fix...but why in the first place would the settings change. the only thing that was checked was ...Use proxy server for your lan

I know Nortons just removed a virus and nortons does some really weird shit when it removes viruses.

Thanks for your help

AVeryThankfulPerson 6 years ago

Thanks so much! After searching through pages and pages of google results, I finally found a solution!

susan 6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting your fix..this worked just like you said it would. You are tops!

Jonathan 6 years ago

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Praise God for your kindness in posting this! I'm too simple to figure these things out on my own, and was so confused that my home page would load but I could never navigate anywhere else. You're the man.

Alex  6 years ago

Please HELP!!!! The proxy server LAN wont flick off

chadb 6 years ago

I love u I spent 4 days trying to get it to work then i read your post and it is working

Babyducky 6 years ago

You are the MAN...You spared my an unnecessary trip to the "geek Squad" which that would've cost me over $200

THANKS for your help

Danielle 6 years ago

Thanks so much, I've been a whole week with only access to Outlook! You are amazing, thank you!

chris 6 years ago

Thank you for this post it worked out great and it was quick and easy. I spent over 2 hrs on the phone with my ISP and they couldn't even figure it out. Thanks again

still confused 6 years ago

this did nothing for my laptop. still have the same problem.

Dana 6 years ago

Thanks for your post. I had exactly the same experience with bogus anti virus software and the resulting problems. Fixed all similarly. Your solution re-enabled IE.

grace 6 years ago

Thanks a whole bunch!!! This worked

Jim 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice. It was easy, to the point and solved my problem. Big, big help. Thanks again

Marci 6 years ago

Thanks for the awesome advice. Wished I had only looked here sooner and saved myself from getting so frustrated. It worked.

Izzy 6 years ago

Thank a million!!!!!! After 2 days of trying to get rid of virus, I now had this problem and this solved my problem... Thank you...

Alan 6 years ago

After fiddling for hours and following various supposed solutions via Google I found your solution and, like all of the above, found that it worked for my too. So, very many thanks indeed. What a relief!

Kie 6 years ago

Thank you so much. I've been stuck with this for 2 days. Really big thanks.

richard 6 years ago


Rob 6 years ago


I had gone so far as to consider installing windows from scratch, the Lan options now disabled,

Thanks so much


dahmad 6 years ago

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :-) I went there but was not sure what to do. I was looking for a list of all the ports. This fixed the issue.

matt 6 years ago

thanks ever so much, after hours spent trying to fix the other day and then giving up, today it took me all of 3 minutes to find your site, follow the instructions and have internet back!!

Grandma 6 years ago

You are a true gift! Spent days trying to find an answer to why I couldn’t get online. Came across your solution and I’m on the internet in 5 mins. You are a blessing for sharing this information.

Alderman 6 years ago

I am truly greatful.

matt 6 years ago

Thank you so much!

Kathline 6 years ago

thank you very much, you saved me many hours of frustration. IT WORKED, HAPPY, HAPPY

CRIAG 6 years ago


Miguel 6 years ago

Thanks, you save me a lot of time

Dennis 6 years ago

Like the host of people who pay you hommage,,,,,I concur.....We are not worthy and if you find out how to screw this guy who infested us.......I will hold him down while everyone gets a shot at his valuables..Again Thank you

SkyGuy 6 years ago

THANKS A BILLION! i spent sooo long trying to figure this out! i even went to where u told me to go before and still didn't fix it! U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

tville 6 years ago

THANK YOU I too spent hours looking for a solution most other web solutions were just to technical and it turns out it is so simple your a genius

mch5pjw 6 years ago

THANK you very much. I was getting a little flustrated. This fixed the issue.

jeff 6 years ago

You're the best! Thanks!

Brad 6 years ago

You Rock!

Andrea B 5 years ago

Thank u ;0)

mom of teens 5 years ago

my teenagers have did nothing but complain about im to cheap to get a new computer because it wont connect i seen this and it works now so i want to say thank you so very much :)

yves  5 years ago

thanks its work!!!

ERTY 5 years ago


Acr 5 years ago

Thanks so much , works perfect like you said

John 5 years ago

Dude you are the best.

Thank you

Austin  5 years ago

OMG Finally I can use my computer online again after almost throwing it out lol


barbara 5 years ago

thank it worked can't thank you enough

Andrea 5 years ago

Dude you're a genious and my husband will love me for fixing his computer (that has sat idly for almost a year now).

Steph 4 years ago

Thank you!!!!!!

Jen 3 years ago

Thank you sooooooooo much. This has been driving us crazy and I want to go to bed! So much appreciated!!

HIN 3 years ago


caleb 2 years ago

Forsome reason this wont work for me....no solutions will work for me....i need another solution i don't want to reset my computer...

help me pls 2 years ago

None of my web browsers on my computer will work im connected to internet i have internet access my games can connect to internet just fine i tried your solution it wont work i also tried disabling my firewall still wont work.....

Did i mention that the diagnostics cant find a problem? So i don't even know what the problem is all i know is that google, ie, and skype wont work but everything else does someone pls help me

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