Europe Cuts Off Satellite To Iran

For years, Iran has been using Eutelsat, one Europe's largest users of satellites for communications, to broadcast many of TV and radio channels to its public via IRIB. Iranians will find out that their TV channels have been reduced by 19 stations because of the cut off. Because Eutelsat is French, and France subscribes to the US sanctions imposed on Iran for its nuclear ambitions, Iranians are feeling the sanctions all over their lives from high food prices, downgraded money value and now TV. The cut off is also a response to Iran's jamming of incoming news channels in their attempt to censor outside news but also Iran's outgoing channels beamed to Europe with inflammatory anti-jew and jihadist propaganda to incite Muslims in Europe. Iran blocks the BBC and Voice of America Persian radio and TV signals and then skews the news that relates to Iran to put them in better light.

The good news for Iranian TV viewers is that two other Western satellite companies still carry many of the Iranian channels, but this could change soon.

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