F4, One Of Microsoft Excel's Hidden Gems

This may be the best keyboard shortcut in Excel

This is one of those rare shortcuts in Excel that is so useful, it's amazing that it is never mentioned in basic training. As a matter of fact, I've rarely heard it mentioned anywhere. That's why few Excel users ever use it.

This simple Excel keyboard shortcut can save you significant time!!

When you want to repeat the last action that you've just taken, just select the range of cells where you want to repeat it an press F4.

For example, if you have just deleted a row and you want to delete another row, simply select the range where you want to delete the next row and press F4. If you have just added cell borders to a range and you format another range the same way, F4 will repeat the previous action for you. This is often most useful when you want to repeat an action over and over.

Just try it! It works on just about anything you do.

Like many other shortcuts in Excel, this one is also available in other Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Power Point).

You will find many more Excel shortcuts like this at www.TheExcelAddict.com?link=hubpages

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Sami 7 years ago


yemi 7 years ago

you also use (Ctrl + Y)to perform the same function that F4 can do.


Fais 7 years ago

My F4 functiona key suddenly stop working .. I tried changing keyboards but still not working ... any ideas

Mac 6 years ago

CMD + t

does the same thing on mac

engineer89 6 years ago

I've found it casually and after its discover working on excel is faster.. F4 is better then CTRL+Y

ewa 6 years ago



Am 2 years ago

Thanks! this tip is great!

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