The Font and Paragraph Tool Groups

To format text in a presentation means to change its font type/face, size, and style.

Font and Paragraph Tool Groups give access to the most common formatting commands you can apply to text and paragraphs such as font type, size, style, color, and alignment.

Working with Slides and Layouts

PowerPoint slides may include text, drawings, charts, and graphics. Each slide is made up of different placeholders:

  1. Title Placeholder – is an imaginary box that holds the title of the slide.
  2. Content Placeholder – holds text like bullet list lines and paragraph. Also it can hold tables, charts, pictures, clip arts, and media clips.
  3. Picture Placeholder – holds images from a file or external sources.

Slide Layouts

When creating a new presentation or editing an existing one, slide layouts are useful in helping you choose the look of a slide.

To apply Slide Layouts, select Layout from slide tool group of Home ribbon. Select the layout you want to apply to your slide by clicking on a layout.

There are nine preset layout available in PowerPoint:

1. Title Slide

2. Title and Content

3. Section header

4. Two Content

5. Comparison

6. Title Only

7. Blank

8. Content with Caption

9. Picture with Caption

Inserting New Slides

To insert new slide, click the New Slide button from the slide tool group. A new slide will appear after the current slide in your presentation. Another options are CTRL + M, right click on the slide tab and choose the New Sldie option, or you may click a slide on the slide tab and the press Enter key.

Formatting Fonts

Character attributes such as font face, size, and color can be formatted using the font tool group or its dialog box. The font dialof box offers other character formatting options which are not present in the Font tool group such as editing effects like strikethrough and character spacing like expanded and condensed.

Inserting text

Text can be inserted in several ways as follows:

  • Placeholders
  • Text Box
  • Shapes
  • WordArt

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