Facebook or Crackbook?


Protective Mother

I used to be a Facebook junkie. I am one of those moms who never wanted my daughter on a social network like MySpace. I was worried about stalkers, and, after watching Dateline, had the most horrendous pictures in my head as to what might happen to my extremely beautiful daughter.

Then, it happened. I caved. Not to my daughter but to my friends. More and more, the adult community was using Facebook. My friends were saying things like, “Oh Susan, you are so old fashioned. It is so safe.” “You join and get to keep an eye on what your daughter is doing.” “If you set her privacy settings, only people she ‘friends’ will be able to see her page.” Oh, all right, already! I will let her have a Facebook page and I will get one, too. She had already been grounded twice for having a MySpace page. I might as well get on the social networking train with her.

It was Christmas time, and we were on our break. We both set up our accounts. Since she was 14 and had a paranoid mother, she agreed to let me have her password. Otherwise, all bets were off. I had to be able to make sure this was a safe move, and I was prepared to intervene if I needed to.

I sat in amazement as she showed me how to set up my account. She showed me how to download and share pictures, how to find friends and suggest friends and invite friends. I looked at her and said, “You’ve had some practice, huh?”

Her response was, “Mom, everyone really is doing it.” I could only laugh because she was right. It was because of my adult friends and family that I had finally given into the Facebook mania.

Okay, so now I am set. Although, since she helped me set my account up, she accidentally put her birth year in. I can’t wait until July when I finally turn 18 in the eyes of Facebook. The irony is that she turned 18 in March. Good grief! She and I tried to change the date, but whatever she did, it could not be undone. It became one of our ongoing jokes. She now teases about being older than me.


The Lure – Still the Protective Mother

I signed on to Facebook in the beginning to check my daughter’s status, and every now and then I would sign in to see who was writing on her wall. I found nothing inappropriate. Now, I did keep seeing the same poses for profile pictures from young girls. Inevitably they would have their picture taken with their tongue provocatively sticking out the side of their mouth - they looked ridiculous. My daughter knew I would throw a fit if she posted such a picture, so she had a lot of fun satirizing that poise by sticking her tongue out in goofy ways for her profile picture.

Then there were the immature high school boy pictures on her “wall” of boys standing in front of a mirror with their cell phone showing in their hand taking a picture of their posed upper bodies that looked more like skinny, skinned squirrels than muscular, macho men. I would laugh at these pictures, but I told my daughter, “You need to tell Jack to post a new picture or you can’t be his ‘friend’.” She would tell the person, and sure enough, he would change his picture. (Too bad she didn’t get to talk to Weiner… Oops, sorry, I digress.)

Farmville on Facebook
Farmville on Facebook | Source
Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled Blitz | Source

The Hook

Once I got past the idea that every “bad guy” was targeting my daughter, I started to enjoy Facebook, myself. I started posting statuses and commenting. I reconnected with old friends from high school. What a great source for a class or family reunion. I was hooked. Then I got hooked on two of the games, Farmville and Bejeweled Blitz. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you really want supper tonight? I lost track of time.”

I was pathetic. My husband would get so frustrated when he came in and found me playing Bejeweled. I would try to stop, but as soon as he left the room, I was back to the game. He still does not "get" Facebook and is what we “premium” members call a Facebook snob. He still has not caved even though almost everyone we know is on Facebook. He does take a peek at my account sometimes just to see what’s going on with old friends, especially after I read him some silly status or story.

My addiction was so bad that I fought with my daughter over the use of the computer. Being the one who owned the computer, I won. “Mom, it is like you are crack.” I had become a Facebook addict.

It was so much fun talking to old and current \ friends on Facebook, but I was neglecting my family. It was an obsession. I would even leave the computer on my Farmville page and ask my husband to “harvest” my fruits and vegetables. He would roll his eyes at me. I finally walked away from Farmville because I couldn’t stand knowing I had “left a crop to rot.” I know, crazy!

Bejeweled Blitz was easier to play. I didn’t have to worry about anything “rotting” or going away. Then my competitive side jumped out of me. I wanted to be the highest scorer. I usually was, too. Then they came up with Friday night free 2x jewels, which multiplied your score. Man! I had to be there to play with the 2x jewel. Friday night was so inconvenient, though.

I know, I know! I was crazy with the obsession. Crackbook was an excellent name replacement for Facebook. It gives me no comfort to say I wasn’t the only one. There were news reports about couples getting divorced because one person was spending too much time on Facebook. Maybe it was more to it than just time on the site, but with me it was a total interruption to my family. My Facebook account was always open so I didn’t have to fool with signing in. My kids and husband could look at it any time and did. I knew I had to cut back.

The Withdrawal

It was hard, but there was absolutely no creative value in spending my time playing Bejeweled Blitz. I had always wanted to write and had written a few things and started some writing projects. I had taken online writing classes, so I decided that was what I was going to do to rid myself of the Facebook addiction. I began to take a class for writing on the web.

The Cure

So, here I am. I am now addicted to Hub Pages. I love it! I still check in on Facebook to see my friends and family, but I am not there every free second. Hub Pages saved me. If you are addicted to Facebook, I highly recommend you get out of that creative rut and move over to Hub Pages.

NEW NOTE: I have had a Facebook relapse because of a NEW GROUP with these really fun people...

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

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CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 5 years ago from Arizona

Wow, haha. I know many people that have become addicted to it. For me, I just can't get into it.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

My husband is the same way. He just can't make himself do it either. LOL Thanks for commenting!

Miss-Taken profile image

Miss-Taken 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

I finally had to admit to myself a few days ago I too am a Bejeweled Blitz junkie! I'm hoping HubPages will help me as it has helped you. lol

Sad, but true. Crackbook... you demon!

seriousnuts profile image

seriousnuts 5 years ago from Philippines

I had been a facebook addict myself. And it's true, hubpages is a great way to stay away from FB. It's a great way to meet people, write articles, and read other hubbers' articles. I'm glad I'm spending more and more time on hubpages. It's fun and productive. Plus, you get a chance to earn money too.

You also remind me of my mom, who is always paranoid for me. She is very strict and she has to know where I am all the time. However, my mom is not in tune with technology,so I was able to create an account easily.LOL. I admire your relationship with your daughter. If I were a mother, I would have been as strict as you are (and as strict as my mom too). Beautiful hub. :)

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 5 years ago from Thailand

I opened a Facebook account, got bombarded with updates and friends, lost HOURS chatting about rubbish and playing games.... then decided I needed to close the account lol.

However, then I joined Hubpages and found it even more addictive than Facebook! ... but at least it is in a more productive way ;-) - well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway lol

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Miss-Taken, Bejeweled Blitz was my downfall. I knew I needed to kick the habit. LOL HubPages will help you! :-)

SeriousNuts, I still love the community on Facebook, but playing all the games gets you. I am sure your mom would have questioned you having an account if you had been 14 and had watched some of the bad stories about other social networks. I am so glad we have a wonderful community with HubPages, though. Here, we are learning and making new people. :-)

Bret, you can block all the game stuff coming into your newsfeed by clicking on the x that appears in the upper right hand corner that pops up when you run you mouse next to the post. Also, I keep my chat off.

I think all of us agree that HubPages is a better alternative where we can have a community and be creative at the same time. :-) Our new addiction.

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 5 years ago from Burlingame, CA

I've never been able to get into FB games. With HP we wanted to create a site that rewarded people for giving interesting information and we wanted it become a useful source for information seekers. Overtime, we've been working on connecting people that share common interests. Still a ways to go. Glad you're enjoying HP. I enjoyed your Hub.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Thanks, Paul. Now, I like FB for keeping up with friends and family. HubPages helps with keeping the creative juices flowing. I appreciate your comment, and I do enjoy HP's. :-)

Bob 5 years ago

Good article and heed the "warning signs". If you want contact with someone, invest the time and go see them, or call them. Better yet, invite them over and have a cold beer and quality B.S time. We have become a society of "fast food" socialites. Craving quick contact, but not willing to fully invest ourselves. Go ahead, wrestle with the pig, you both get dirty, but win or lose, the one (or both) that walk out of the mud are stronger for the struggle. ESSAYONS!

profile image

Motown2Chitown 5 years ago

Well done! I've not been bitten by the Facebook bug, tbh. I have, however, become practically addicted to HubPages. Maybe you can consider forming an online support group for those of us with addictive personalities (especially when it comes to online media). LOL That said, at least HubPages does allow for creativity and productive development! Loved this hub. :-) UP, useful, and funny. CRACKBOOK! HAHAHA I love it! Hope you have a blast at your eighteenth birthday party!

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hey Bob, I totally agree with you. Person to person is much better, but it is not always possible. I still love the fact that I can keep up with friends and family on FB. The obsessive part is what I need to stay away from.

Hey MoChi, I have definitely replaced FB with HubPages. I will try to remember to send you an invite to my 18th bday. LOL

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

I really like your hub on fb, I was addicted to Farmville at one time.........HAHAHA anyway good hub

I hope you have a gr8 week

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Thanks, Manthy!! It is fun, but we have to watch out!! LOL Thanks for dropping by!

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

LOL Oh, I voted it up and funny-you really made me see myself here...oops, I mean LAUGH today, LOL

No, seriously--the comment "did you want dinner?" had me pointing to myself. Yes, I am that way with HP.

Great hub, S.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Oh, Denise, I know. If it is not one thing (facebook), it's another (HubPages). LOL Thanks for reading and voting!!

annmackiemiller profile image

annmackiemiller 5 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

nice one

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Thanks, Ann!! I appreciate you reading! :-)

Judy Haughton-James 5 years ago

I thought I would never join Facebook but eventually I joined after my twin sister's death. I have linked up with friends,relatives, pen-pals and former schoolmates. I have also joined some twinless twins and twin loss groups there where we share experiences. They have helped me a lot. I update my status regularly and comment on those of friends. I spent quite a lot of time on it in the early stages but now I try to find more time for my writing and especially now that I have a Blog!:)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Judy, my deepest sympathies go out to you for the loss of your twin. Last year, I lost my Mother and sister 5 weeks apart, and Facebook did help me. I knew my friends were praying for me and caring for me. I spent a lot of time on it to help distract me. I am glad you found some groups to be involved in and have reconnected with so many people.

I am like you: I am trying to find more time to write. Happy Blogging, and thanks reading!!

Take Care and God Bless!

Judy Haughton-James 5 years ago

Thanks shollond, I am also sorry to read about the loss of your mother and sister. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Take care and my best wishes to you.

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

I was into Farmville, but finally gave it up because my farm had grown so large that it took a couple of hours everyday to complete the tasks. I decided I'd better find better things to keep me busy and got hooked on Hubpages like you.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Thanks, Judy. I know you understand - sadly.

Yes, Barbara, I was worried about my farm too... oh my, it was a cyber farm and that seems to silly when I type out that I was worried about it. LOL I was hooked, though. I think we have a good addiction here at HubPages though. :-) Thanks for reading!!

web designers in melbourne 5 years ago

nowadays many people addicted to social media and internet, we cant fully avoid it. the way we time spend is changing. generation to generation this is vary. hub is another social site where we can write anything fresh. facebook is gossip board for me. very interesting

coreyrab profile image

coreyrab 5 years ago from Florida

Love the article! I agree I have seen so many friends literaly drop everything in the real world to play farmville on facebook. I am sure there will be some interesting studies coming out about this

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Web Designer, yes, social networking is huge. I just have to stay away from the part that is not productive - like Farmville.

Corey, I am glad you liked the hub. Yep, I was one of those people. I am much better on Hub Pages where I am doing something productive. My family understands my attempts at writing. They did not like competing with my avatars, though. LOL

Thank You Both for dropping by!! :-)

cheerfulnuts profile image

cheerfulnuts 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

LOL! I didn't know you were a Facebook addict! My middle-aged dad was addicted to Farmville as well. He would rearrange his trees every single day. I would roll my eyes every time he shows us his "masterpiece." When most of his neighbors got sick of the game and left their farms, my dad remained loyal and never left. Since no one was sending him gifts anymore, he asked me to create multiple accounts so these fake accounts could add him as their neighbors and send him gifts. And I'm the one who opens these accounts to play their farms! I don't know any relative or friend who still plays Farmville. I guess he's the only one left. He's in the highest level now among his neighbors LOL.

Thanks for sharing this interesting hub. I agree that HubPages is much more addictive than Facebook! Voted up!:)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hey Cheerfulnuts! I was a Facebook addict until I found Hubpages. LOL Much more productive and stimulating here. When I first joined Facebook, I was a Farmville addict too. I even asked my kids to go check my "crops" when I couldn't. LOL Then it was Bejeweled. I hated missing Friday night free 2X gems. I am glad I found Hubpages!! Whew! Thanks for dropping by!! :-)

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Well sholland - I never get on FB - nu uh not me! LOL I think I have found a way to manage my habit...I leave the laptop on the counter and pop in between chores or on my self appointed breaks...lol

I was the same way with my daughters and FB! I only let the 12 year old when she went into 6th grade and I had to have her password too. And I made her be my friend:) haha! And I did the same thing...she begged and begged and I use it more than she does now. Oh well..it is just too much fun to walk away from sometimes!

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

RH, I'm hardly ever on it, either... (Waiting for lightening to strike...)

My daughter is almost 19, and I still have her password. LOL I don't mention it, though, and I don't use it. Actually, I don't think she would even mind because she is never negative or inappropriate. Of course, as her "friend," I would see that on her wall.

Nope, I just can't seem to get away from it right now... I had withdrawals today when I went back to school. LOL

Sharyn's Slant profile image

Sharyn's Slant 5 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

OMG Susan, this was so hysterical. I used to have friends that would complain because I would only be on FB maybe once every three months or so. Now with the HubHoppers, group, I'm on FB constantly. I really need to find a happy medium or you will never see another hub from me, ha!

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 5 years ago from USA or America

Hey Susan, I have been on the Internet since about 1991, so I am not new to places like Facebook or Myspace. I used to talk to people all over the world on something that is still in existence- called MIRC which is a chat software and could be used. This was before the "Internet" became a full blown sensation in 1993 where access was in about 50% of the homes.

I can understand being a protective parent and much of the news about the Internet isn't good, but then again the news wouldn't have good ratings if they showed good things. LOL! Voted up! Great hub! :)

missolive profile image

missolive 5 years ago from Texas

Sholland10 I was having a giggling fit with this one!! I have tears rolling down my cheeks! I was already laughing from the beginning, but the Farmville story brought me to tears LOL I can relate to the Farmville addiction. My errands last year were literally scheduled around my crops! I finally had to give it up. This hub is especially funny since we've been on FB together. It has been nothing less than entertaining and VERY addicting.

Thank you for sharing - enjoyed it!

Voted up, awesome and across! EXCELLENT Title :)

American View profile image

American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

I love that Bejeweled game too, addictive. I first started it on Pogo.com. HP helps but now hub hoppers has me. "This is the life I have chosen"

BRIAN SLATER profile image

BRIAN SLATER 5 years ago from Nottingham Uk

Fbook is addictive and you feel drawn not to let anyone down or dear I say it, miss something posted by your friemds. HH is my latest family but I still keep coming back to Hpages just like you. Well written.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Sharon, I know what you mean. I meant to write hubs over my Christmas break, but I got involved in many of the discussions on the Hub Hopper. It is so much fun. I had pretty much wiened myself off "constant" FB until HH. LOL I need to find that happy medium, too.

Thanks for dropping by and reading! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Thanks, Cagsil! Yeah, I used to be big into genealogy and posting on Slate. I loved it back then. FB seems to have taken hold of me much more than the research and the Slate posting, though. It's all good, though. You are right about the news; if it is good, it is not going to make any money for the news medias.

Thanks for dropping by, reading, and voting! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

MissOlive, I am quite sure there were days I needed a sedative when thinking that my crops were going bad. LOL I also had to make it to Friday night Bejeweled games. At least discussions are intelligent and fun now; plus, when we have to walk away, everyone understands that life happens.

Thanks for dropping by, reading, and voting!! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hey, American View, and fellow Bejewelled addict. That is the one game on FB I had the hardest time walking away from. Of course, now HH's is so much fun and informative, but I do know I have to stop to get things done. Yes, "This is the life I have chosen." LOL

Thanks for dropping by and reading!!

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hi Brian! I love HH's because I am getting to know so many people. We all have so much in common. I have not been as good about being in the forums, but I find the Facebook page extremely easy. I am getting so much out of it and reading so many other people's hubs. I love it! :-)

Thanks for dropping by and reading!

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

Hello my name is Sunshine and I'm an addict....

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hello, Sunshine... I too am an addict, especially at night. Thank you for sharing. LOL

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

It's time for a pimp too!:)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Yay!! Pimp away! We are so baaaad! LOL

Rastamermaid profile image

Rastamermaid 5 years ago from Universe

I police my son's FB page,his notifications get sent to my email address also.

He's not on FB nearly as much as I am, yes I am also an addict,so it works out.

Great hub,voted up!

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Rasta, you are a GREAT MOM!! I know what you mean about being on FB more than my daughter was... Probably still am. LOL

Thanks for dropping by and the vote!! :-)

Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

Love this! I never have been a gamer but keeping in touch with my grandkids got me hooked, then slowly I started making contacts and friends. Now there is barely a day I don't have FB open and click over periodically to see what's going on with everyone.

I had to laugh at your description of the young guys sharing their wares ... ha ha ha The girls are just as shameless in some cases though.

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

I so know what you mean. I walked away from the best zoo and farm and petville. But it was truly an addiction and I never got anything done. Now it too is hubpages for me - my new addiction. But at least I do have something to show for it. LOL

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Pooh, you are right about the girls. I don't believe in beatings, but I told my daughter if she ever put a bikini clad profile picture up, I would beat her. She is one of those gorgeous girls that you wonder, "Did she come from me?" My bluff wasn't needed, though. She said, as if I were stupid, "Mom, I have more respect for myself than that." She's eighteen hasn't posted one yet. :-) FB is so addictive. LOL

Thanks for dropping by!!

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

I know, HSB! I had my husband harvest my corn for me one time. He thought I was crazy when I whined, "But I don't want it to rot before I get home..." PATHETIC!! LOL Now, I am hooked on HP's, too. :-)

Thanks for dropping by!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

I love Facebook and HubPages just as much. Never played the games - I prefer writing or interacting with other hubbers and Facebookers instead of playing meaningless games. I must admit that I am using all my willpower to keep my priorities in order. At work I tend to react on every notification, so I have to be very stern with my naughty fun-seeking Self.

I enjoyed this hub of yours, sholland10! Voted up and entertaining :)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 5 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

I know what you mean, Martie. I don't play any of the games anymore, but I sure love looking for those notifications on all our hubs. :-)

Thanks for the votes and for dropping by! :-)

PurvisBobbi44 profile image

PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


I enjoyed this hub--it is nice to know that we are all alike in one way or the other. I love card games, and any games that is fast.

Two years ago--I would never have talked to anyone on the Internet--but now I chatter away like everyone else.

I voted awesome.

Your Hub Friend,


Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

How in the world did you get Paul E to comment? That is impressive right there!!!!

Oh my....yep, I think of it as ecrack - but I preferred myspace to goofy facebook. I loved the blogging utility and community on myspace - before they destroyed it.

Not surprisingly, half my fb friends came from there.

It is good to catch up with folks you've not seen in forever though :)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author


I used to be the same way about the Internet, but now I am hardly ever seen without some type of computer - whether it is the desktop, netbook, iPad, or iPhone. LOL I was really addicted to Bejeweled. Since HubPage's, though, I have hardly played. :-)

Thanks so much for reading! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hi Wes, I just hit "publish." LOL I never used MySpace. I was in FULL MOM mode then when my son wanted to use it all the time. Once he was 16 he had his own acct. My daughter was grounded at least twice for having set up a MySpace acct when she was 13 and 14. I finally gave in on FB. Now look at us!! LOL

Thanks for reading! :-)

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago

Hi Susan,

OMW I had a little addiction with Crackbook too. Mafia Wars and yes Farmville too lol

It was getting out of hand and like you luckily I found hubpages. It's a more creative use of time.

I rarely visit facebook now and when I do I find I am in loads of hubpages facebook groups lol I can't keep up with them all.

I would have given this hub all the votes and shared it but the buttons are missing?

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Michael, I am addicted to my hub groups now, but that is a good thing because I get to see so many hubbers on a personal level. :-)

Thanks for the wishful votes and sharing. I am not sure what is going on with the voting and sharing buttons being gone. Thanks for dropping by! :-)

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

How did I ever miss this hub? Well found it today :) I used to be a Farmville addict. It's really funny because Al would give me such a hard time when I'd jump out of bed in the morning to go and harvest my crops. He now has an iPhone game he plays all day long called Zombie Farm and it's quite similar to Farmville. Now I give him a hard time about his game. I've been hooked on Bejewelled for so long now and I don't think I'll be giving that one up anytime soon.

I joined FB before my kids did :)

Really enjoyed your hub. Have a great weekend!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

I think I have said this before I hate facebook. My 90 year old mother is constantly asking what's happening on facebook. She always likes to play one againt the other so she tells my sister that I'm great at facebook and I know everything. So my sister is upset because she feels mom is calling her stupid. I told my sister if I get on there once a week that is a lot. I can see how it can be an addiction. I'm addicted to Hubpages. I know at times it drives my husband crazy. Interesting hub enjoyed reading it. Voted up.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland

I absolutely love this hub! I think millions of people are addicted to facebook. I've been there myself, but I don't play any of the games anymore. Like you I, think it's nice to keep in touch with relatives and old friends. I can say that HubPages has saved me from my "fakebook" addiction too. Voted up and much more. Wonderful hub.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 4 years ago from New York City

What a super funny way to express to us all your crackbook addiction, and how it sucked up most of your time. The fight with you and your daughter was hallarious, and when she almost called you a crackbook head, but left the book and head out LOL.

Lovely hub and yup I'm a hubpages crackbook addict too, haha!

Cheers to our cool networking addictions today, I had to create a schedule though to manage all of my online addictions, and my wife has hated me every step of the way until I decided to break out the schedule on it all. So I feel what you were stepping in Sharon.

I voted on all levels on this one, and you know the rest.

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hey, Susan! That is so funny that you would jump out of bed to harvest your Farmville crops. I would beg my husband and kids to harvest for me when I couldn't be there. LOL

I still love Bejeweled and used to live for Friday nights when you got the free applications to make your score higher. I always had one girlfriend who beat me. I still love it!

Tell Al to watch out for those Zombies! LOL

Thanks so much for dropping by! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author


I think I am addicted to both Facebook and Hubpages. LOL My husband gets a bit upset about it, too.

I am sure your 90 year old grandmother loves hearing news about people on Facebook. Again, with my husband, he refuses to get an account, but he doesn't stop me from telling him what is going on with others.

Thanks so much for dropping by! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author


You and I are on the same page. Once I joined Hubpages, I weaned myself off of the Facebook games. I still enjoy getting on to see what everyone is up to, but I try to stay away from the games.

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

sholland10 profile image

sholland10 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hey CloudExplorer,

Yep, we are definitely addicted. I haven't had as much time for either this summer and hope to jump back into both the Facebook and HubPage scene, just without the games on Facebook.

My husband is the same as your wife. It is good you have come up with a schedule. I need to do that. :-)

Thanks for dropping by and the votes!! :-)

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY

What a great story! Now I know what got you into writing on HubPages.

I'm not on Facebook and from what you're saying, I'm glad I haven't spent any time there. But I did just get started with Tsū, which probably will give Facebook a run for the money. And I can see the same addicting results as what happens with Facebook. I know you're there too because we're following one another on Tsū. At least they don't have games to waste our time. Right? And it seems more professional.

I'm glad I read your hub because it makes me aware that I need to be careful with spending time on social networks.

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sholland10 2 years ago from Southwest Missouri Author

Hi Glenn! Social media is so addictive and time consuming. Yes, I just found Tsu. It looks more professional right now than Facebook. I love FB for friends and family (I am still keeping tabs on my daughter - HA!).

We should all be really careful about the choke-hold social media can get on us. Speaking from experience...

Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing! :-)

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