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Facebook is Fun

I have a Facebook account. I use it now and then. Like Myspace, I got it just because everyone else had it. Unlike Myspace, I still have it just because everyone else has it.

Facebook took off where Myspace jet-lagged behind in the race to become the social media platform of choice. It happened, like so many life changing moments do, imperceptibly at first. Then one day there was an uncomplimentary movie. That film somehow seemed to be the nexus between a popular app and a cultural phenomenon. It definitely must have been for me because this is the first time that I ever even considered using the word before. Before Facebook, I had thought that Nexus was just some hair product. Not anymore.

The sad thing is, if you have to wait for an initial public offering to invest in a company then it probably is already too late to make a profit. This is some sage financial advice from one that views the stock market as something that the grocery employee does daily so that I can find my Jalapeño Bread when I need it.

If there is anything worse than a smart-aleck college dropout besting the brightest and best minds and defying the odds to become another one of those upstart billionaires I’ve yet to find it. Twenty years from now Mark Zuckerberg will be another Bill Gates. Pontificating to an eager journalist all his whims and philosophies.


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