What to Do When All Media Files Open in QuickTime

Quicktime is sometimes used to play videos and streaming media files.
Quicktime is sometimes used to play videos and streaming media files. | Source


What do you do when Quicktime attempts to open every multimedia file you try to access, from streaming video to tif files to audio files?

What should you do when a large Q icon for Quicktime opens when you try to view a video?

The problem is particularly acute when Quicktime tries to open and present every multimedia file, even those it is not designed to handle the file types, before crashing the media player or browser or even the whole computer.

How to Correct Quicktime References

If you do want Quicktime installed but don't want it handling all file multimedia types, do the following:

1. Go to a document or file with the extension type that Quicktime is trying to open. If it isn't already saved to your computer, save it if possible so that you can access the system settings that control how it is opened.

2. Right click on the file. Select "Open With".

3. Deselect "Quicktime". Then choose the correct program to open that file type with.

4. Close the browser or media player, then try to view the file again.

How to Remove Quicktime and Fix the File Association

If you don't want Quicktime installed on your computer, here is how you can remove the software application and eliminate the problem.

1. Go to “Start”, “Programs”, “Add / Remove programs”.

2. Select “Quicktime” and remove it.

3. Reboot your computer to remove all traces of Quicktime.

4. Then clear your cookie cache and browser cache. This will remove any remaining references to Quicktime on your computer.

You may still need to go back into the computer's default settings and tell it not to use Quicktime for running audio and video files.

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tamarawilhite profile image

tamarawilhite 4 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas Author

I ran into this problem when Quicktime kept trying to display tif files, a file format it doesn't really do well.

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Chris Hugh 4 years ago

Wow, great hub. Thanks. I need to do this. Stupid QT.

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