Fun Facts on Laptops

Fun Facts about Laptops

Fun Facts of Laptops

Laptops are one of the technological advances of our time. They are convenient and can be used almost anywhere. Users of laptops are either “occasional” or “fulltime”. With the advent of the computer is has definitely become an email and knowledge based society. Everyone loves their computers. So laptops are just an extension of that. The fact is that laptops actually use 90% less energy than desktops. So not only are they fun, interesting and smaller but they are saving the environment too.

Many tired people use their laptops as a pillow and fall asleep on it!

A laptop is tied to its battery as far as performance.

Did you know more than 12,000 laptops go missing at US airports a week!

You can actually design your own laptop.

Laptops are outselling desktops!

There is no need to get frustrated by your laptop dying on you. Now the company Earthtech has come out with a solar charger. It comes with a 25 watt Sunling Foldable Solar Panel and a 300 watt power inverter and battery.

Now on the market are all purpose laptops. One of which is the Acer Aspire. Do they clean the house too?

Travellers should choose the “ultra portable.”

Laptops can weigh as little as 6 pounds!

Its Laptop not Labtop

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