How to Get Facebook on Cricket Mobile Phones

You can use Facebook Mobile on Cricket Phones

If your annoyed and searching the internet on how to get your Cricket Wireless phone to access your Facebook account and send status updates and pictures to your Facebook account via SMS ..then look no further.

Although, Cricket is not listed as an available carrier for the official Facebook SMS or Facebook Mobile option in less than 5 minutes you can get one touch/press updating to your Facebook account enabled for your Cricket Phone.

By using the Facebook option of email updates combined with your cricket text messaging you can text your updates and pictures just as you would have via Facebook Mobile!

This isnt a hack or a trick its just another way to get the job done that is equally as easy to do on your end. 

Facebook SMS on Cricket Phones in 5 minutes!


How to set up your Cricket Phone and Facebook

Step 1: Find your Facebook email address.

Every Facebook user is given a Facebook email address - its a secret, randomly generated email , every message sent to the address is autoposted to your facebook wall.

Find Your Facebook email:

The link above will bring your Facebook Mobile page up in Facebook (make sure your logged in)

You will see your email address on the right, it will look something like this: (just an example)

Copy this address down for your self

Set up a New Contact in Your Phone :

In your Cricket Phone- create a new contact "Facebook" was a good name for me, go ahead and enter the email address into the email field of your contact - now save.

Your Done!

Anytime you want to post to Facebook - just start a new text message just as you always would, select Facebook as the contact and send - your phone will post directly to your Facebook wall - pictures work just fine also!

Full Facebook Mobile gives notification when you receive comments/messages etc. I would tear my hair out and smash my phone if I was bothered every time this occurred, so it doesnt matter to me but it is possible too..

How to receive updates to your cricket phone from facebook..

Set up a rule in for your email to forward all email from to - where the x's represent your ten digit number (1+ phone number) then set your facebook email notifications to display whatever notifications you want sent to your phone!

Cricket will have smart phones available later in 2010 and full SMS abilities via Facebook, this will work fine for you in the interim.

Picking a Cricket Phone

 If your picking out a phone to use on the Cricket Network that wasnt originally created for the network, please realize that not all phones take well to being flashed over.

Cricket guarantees that Mobile Web (Wap) Phone and Text will work ... that is all.

This means things like ringtones, music players, games, apps and upgrades are often not accessible or are locked .

Ask your Cricket Rep about ALL the options you want to work on your phone - dont assume the original functions outside of text, phone and WAP will work on the cricket network.

Its not Crickets fault either, often the Hardware manufacturer and the cell service providers create these limitations intentionally. If your patient and tech savvy, get yourself a copy of BITPIM and do some searching on the Howard Forums to see what your phone is REALLY capable of.

I found that Verizon phones tend to flash over badly since Verizon likes to brand their phones and program the menus in such a way that a simple flash does very little.

Cricket uses BREW for games and apps - if you want access to cricket apps be sure your model is BREW.

Ive found that ALLTEL branded phones port over perfectly to the cricket network. 

Buy a Cricket SmartPhone

Cricket now offer an android phone and a Blackberry phone, both with additional rate plans required.

See the full selection of official cricket smartphones, for the Holiday season these phones are highly discounted IF you buy through the web , this link provides an additional $20 off cricket smartphones.

Facebook on Cricket

Get Facebook on Cricket Wireless
Get Facebook on Cricket Wireless

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Comments 33 comments

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your good tips and great selection.

rgarnett profile image

rgarnett 6 years ago from KC, MO

Awesome idea. I never really thought about this until I read this hub! Thanks for the tips!

SkyShixx 6 years ago

On mine it says invalid e-mail format... Please help?

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

@skyshixx - post the email - you can change a letter or two if you want to keep it private, but show us the format you are entering exactly.

danny 6 years ago

thist works perfect for me but i dont like my phone number showing up. is there a way to change or hide this?

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

yes - there is Danny, But I dont think you will ever come back to hear it!

danny 6 years ago

i would really like to know please:)

danny 6 years ago

nvm i got it thnx anyway.

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

wow - I never thought you would come back! I would have posted it for you, im glad you got it sorted!

eric 6 years ago

my number comes up, how do i stop that??

Luis 6 years ago

i don't want my number to come up every time.. how do i stop that? i'll be checking this page everyday SUNFORGED please help me

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

Luis, Eric - remember you are actually emailing facebook with your phone, so its your email address (which happens to be your cell phone number) that is showing up on facebook - go to your privacy settings and change your email privacy settings to , "only you"- I looked for the original info in a forum that showed me ...and coulodnt find it anywhere, I looked for about 45 minutes for you guys, if I find more detailed info, Ill hook you up.

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

will be adding this soon also:

How to receive updates to your cricket phone from facebook..

a. Set up a rule in for your email to forward all email from to - where the x's represent your ten digit number (1+ phone number) then set your email notifications to display whatever notifications you want sent to your phone!

Luis 6 years ago

i can't find that :S can you help me please?

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

Try This:!/settings/?tab=privacy

you will have to copy and paste as these comments dont allow long links

Luis 6 years ago

i think i found that thing and i put my number and it says that theyre gonna send me an confirmation e-mail but nothing happened :S

Luis 6 years ago

Hey Sunforged i already do that and i received the sms but nothing happened next!

Shamis 6 years ago

Thanks for posting this!! However when I sent the text it posted what I texted along with:

You can reach me at XXXXXXXXXX


Sent by a Cricket mobile device

... ---------------------------------------------

I copy & pasted the above so and the x's represent my number of course. I tried to go into the privacy settings but I don't see where I can change email settings. Please help

Thxs Shamis

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

You know guys, when I first posted I got the same problem, It took like 30 seconds to fix but its been so long I dont remember what exactly I did, my privacy settings are so customized its not obvious when I look them over.

I want to solve this, I will figure it out and post it when I do.

Sorry to leave you hanging!

Shamis 6 years ago

Not a problem! and I believe you will post when you do and I will check back or if anyone else wants to post how they resolved, please. I think I may have to change my email address on facebook to my cricket mobile all together in order for those privacy settings to work. So I tried adding my cricket email to fb but then I can't even try it this method to see if it works because I don't have mobile on this phone and can't click on the link it sends in my text. I'm getting a new HTC incredible flashed to cricket in a couple of days so hopefully I can try then.

Will check back and/or post if I resolve on my own.

Thanks again! and I love Johnny-5 :)

profile image

shawgurl 6 years ago

Hello, I tried to add my cricket email to fb and it said it would send me a verification. Once it did it said message failed. I know how to use the personal cricket email to upload pics and stat updates. I'm just unsure of how to fix the notifications to come to my phone

kay 6 years ago

i was wondering how you can get rid of this message when i try to post status updates with my cricket phone to my facebook...any help is appreciated.

this is the message...

Sent by a Cricket mobile device


sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

Kay, I am not familiar with that message appearing, but perhaps another visitor will answer the question for you. Peek back from time to time and look through your phone and account settings at

teresa 6 years ago

I have a problem with setting up my email address as the phone number. I enter the format and it says it will send a confirmation email to my phone. But the message gets cut off so i cant see the link i have to click. Can anyone help me?

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from Author

@teresa - explain again, starting from the beginning if the following does not help you.

It sounds to me that you are mixing up to different methods. You automatically have an email address - you dont use that address to sign up to anything - you just set a forward filter in your normal email with that address - for facebook, you should be using your normal email address - for cricket you should be using the facebook email - confusing! are NOT setting up facebook mobile the traditional way, so you should not be needing to confirm any emails. Do any single one of these methods from start to finish as written - dont mix and match!

teresa 6 years ago

thanks subforged for the clarification but how exactly do you set up a forward filter in your normal email address? if i am correct, that will forward facebook notifications to your cricket phone right?

teresa 6 years ago

Im sorry for asking so many questions but also when i set up forward filter from my normal email doesnt the normal email have to send a confirmation text to your cricket phone? the problem i am having is that the confirmation text to my phone is getting cut off so i can not input the full code...

fraggo 6 years ago

When I sign up for the account, they are suppose to send a confirmation message to my phone with the validation link provided in the message so that I can validate the account but for some reason the confirmation link is not provided. the sentence in the message only goes about half way. The message reads """" [Facebook Contact Email Confirmation] Hey (my name here),1010You recently entered a new contact email address. To confirm ...""""" and then the message stops. Its as if it was about to give me the confirmation link but the message gets cut off. Does anybody know how to resolve this.

fraggo 6 years ago

how do you set the forward filter in the normal email address for

profile image

NRain 6 years ago

I went to do the suggestions on here and could not figure out how to forward my email. I just decided to do everything through the email they provided me. I decided to try the text mobile to just see what would happen if I put a carrier in that wasn't cricket. I put in U.S. Cellular as my carrier and I am now set up for facebook mobile. It was just that easy. I hope this helps anyone who has Cricket. :)

CDL-Testing profile image

CDL-Testing 6 years ago

Great Article. Thanks for the information. I'm still trying to figure it out but I'm sure I'll get it soon enough. At least I know it can be done :)

akterpk 6 years ago

Ok, I found out how to send things to my phone text wise. I still cannot send files. How big can the file be?

bramfranz 5 years ago

Thank you. Your article really helped me

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