Are Google Android Phones good?

Google Android Operating System

Google Android is a new mobile operating system that runs on Linux kernel and is competing with the iPhone. It allows developers to use java to code. Android still has some bugs that need to be worked out. The great thing about the android is that you can get it on multiple phones. So you can choose the phone you like where as the iPhone there is only one. Google Android is available on multiple cellphone networks such as Verizon, T-mobile, and more.

Google did a good job creating this. You are able to download from thousands of applications on their market. Some of the applications they feature are Pandora, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Wiki, and so many more. They have so many great applications on the market already there are over 10,000 so far. The iPhone has about 80,000 applications, although, they have been around longer than Google's Android. I believe Google will eventually catch up to iPhone.

Google Android supports HTML 5 and Flash 10 will be coming to the phone sometime in 2010 which will allow flash applications. The phone is equipped with Google Maps which includes street view so you know exactly where you are. You are also to change out touch keyboards and the User Interface with downloads from the market. They let you completely customize the phone to how you like it.

The first phone to run the Android operating system was the HTC dream. By the end of 2009 there will be at least 18 phones running on Android.

The Google operating system Android is a really great buy. It really is an amazing addition to the cellphone world. I highly recommend checking it out compared the iPhone.

These are just a few phones running on Google Android check out below

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Truth From Truth profile image

Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

good hub, very informative.

celljudge 7 years ago

Android is a going to be a good operating system but it's probably going to run into the same problem as windows Mobile phones which is too many phone running it. When Making updates to it you have to account for different sceen resolutions, manufacturers who make the phone with limited processing power and different hardware specs. Unless Google creates mandatory minimum specs for the manufacturers to abide by than it will face the same problems. Nice hub

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