How To Turn Off "Live! Cam Avatar" When Using Your WebCam

Have you turned on your webcam and surprisingly seen a little kitten speaking in your place? Or Maybe it was a puppy or creepy alien. Whatever it was, here's how to turn off this annoying little program called Live! Cam Avatar.

This problem is solved by selecting the correct camera in your computer configuration, or more likely, the messenger sevice program you are using (such as Skype, MSN messenger, AIM, etc.).

There is more than one camera installed on your computer. These include all of the physical cameras you've installed, and the virtual camera. Live! Cam Avatar uses the virtual camera to project an avatar as your webcam feed.

To turn the avatar off, you must switch which camera is being used so that the correct video camera is enabled. This can be done in the messenger service program.

Skype Users can do this by clicking on the "Tools" tab on the main toolbar, selecting "options..." and then selecting the "Video Options" tab in the window that comes up. You should be able to select which camera will be used from a list of available installed cameras. Make certain the virtual camera is not selected.

MSN messenger users can do this by clicking the "Tools" tab, then "Audio Video Setup. Select the correct camera to use from the available installed cameras shown. Make certain the virtual camera is not selected.

Other programs and messenger services should follow the same or similar setup format to change this setting.

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flipultrahdcamera profile image

flipultrahdcamera 6 years ago

Short but useful hub... I'm not close to be a techi, and the guys like me really can use this help... thanks for sharing!!!

AIR 5 years ago

what about oovoo how do you do it

Janet 3 years ago

What do I do if it SHUTS DOWN skype everytime I even open the video camera to try and change the settings?!?!?!?!?!

Parrypoo 3 years ago

did you get your answer because mine is doing the same thing. It shuts down skype everytime.

tim jensen 7 months ago


To disabl live cam avatar they give instructions taking me to a "switch video". THEN....there is NO box to click on for "switch video".

The programmers were smoking dope !!

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