How the VSAT Technology Works

How the VSAT Equipment function

The Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a satellite communications device that allows reliable data transmission via satellite using small antennas of 0.9 to 1.9 meters which is about 3.7 feet. VSAT is a plug and play device.

VSAT has got terminals arranged in a star configuration into the central hub station that is connected to the host computer.  Communication between the terminals has to pass through the network central hub processor. The VSAT technology does not send signal to each other or there is no direct communication between VSAT devices without a hub

The hub consist of three elements namely Radio Frequency Terminal (RTF), VSAT hub base-band equipment and the user interface

VSAT is the most fastest technology compare to point to point connection, or dial up connection due to the fact that VSAT deploy the use of procedure to make connection which other communication system either don’t have or are not reliable.

The VSAT entire network has got a satellite, main hub with an antenna measuring A5 to 11metres. VSAT configuration is made up of two segment , where one segment is known as the earth segment  - this segment has equipment both at the central hub and at the remote locations, the other segment is known as the space segment – VSAT pace segment is link to and from the satellite

Satellite segments in the sky serves as a radio frequency repeater, when VSAT send information to the satellites in the sky, it is received, amplify the information and retransmit on a higher frequency. As the information is being transmitted, much of the work is done in the ground where the hub controls and regulates the entire operation of the communication network

A hub in VSAT network consist of Network Management System(NMS) which accumulates data on the system  giving the system health check, and providing billing information. In VSAT network to operate it has to be in a position of geostationary orbit, which is relatively high from the ground normally around 38,800km from the equator.

There has to be a remote terminal which consists of two units one placed outdoor directly connected to the satellite while one placed indoors and connected to the user devices.

When connecting the VSAT network, the central hub is located near the user’s main office or at the central location where the host computer is. The hub normally enables the connection via satellite of all the VSAT terminals within the network and any other communication from host to the VSAT.


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VSAT Technology will only increase in the future and reach areas of the world unheard of. This technology will not only be beneficial for the individual it will increase opportunity for small business owners of all kinds.

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Salim pooya 4 years ago

Think u form your kind considration in the cuase our knowlage in Advance

Mohamma salim pooya

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