How to Opt Out of Facebook Instant Personalization

If you've browsed the web lately after having logged into your Facebook account, you may notice that, for some odd reason, you appear to be logged in to certain websites as if it were Facebook. This is Facebook's latest and "greatest" feature as it aims to take over the web, one like button at a time. However, it is also a concern for some people. Do you really want Facebook to know what websites you browsed? Normally, people are used to browsing the internet in a fairly anonymous fashion. However, thanks to Facebook's new features, the site knows your name, and any other personally identifiable information. This article will show you how to opt out of these features.

First, log in to Facebook. Then, click "Account" > "Privacy Settings."

Then, click "edit your settings" under "Applications and websites." 

On this page, you will be able to do several things. First, you want to remove the web pages that you don't want to be connected with. You may be surprised to find several pages you don't remember connecting with. Click "remove" as shown in the image below and then remove all unwanted sites.

Check the sites and apps you want to remove and then click remove. This step was just removing sites that have already been used. The next step is where you will actually opt out of instant personalization. To do this, click "edit settings" next to Instant Personalization.

Next, uncheck the checkbox on the page as shown:

Currently, only a few sites support instant personalization. However, with Facebook's track record in privacy, I doubt that they would tell you if a new site was supported. Instead, they would quietly enroll you without any notice. So it's best to opt out now.

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