How to Right Click a Mac Mouse

I'm not a fan of the traditional computer mouse, whether it be the PC version or the Mac -- I prefer a fabulous invention called the trackball mouse, as it's the bestest mouse available. But mine went bits up the other day and I had no choice but to dig out the Mac mouse that came with my iMac. It's bad enough that you've got to maneuver the bugger all over the place and constantly readjust the cord every 5 seconds, but I could not figure out how to right click on the stupid thing, as there really isn't one. Well there is, but it doesn't seem to do anything when you click on it! Which left me wanting to utter a few choice words, as even the Microsoft people were able to get that part right. Fortunately I bought a clue and managed to figure out how to right click on the Mac mouse. Let me make it easy for those of you dealing with the same confusion:

  • Step One: Find the button on the right side of your mouse. Well, that's where it is on mine, anyway. Some mice might actually have up to 4 buttons, and some may have 2 divided in such a way that it looks like a ladybug's wings. In any case, I'm sure you know which mouse you've got, so prepare to click the right click button.

  • Step Two: Before you click it, hold down the ctrl button. It won't work if you do the click first and ctrl second, so make sure you've got the crtl button down first. This is the bottom-most button on the far left side of the newest model iMac keyboard, though it may be located elsewhere on other models.

  • Step Three: Now that you're holding the ctrl button down, right click. Simple enough, yes?

  • Step Four: Scroll down the menu and select whichever option you'd like. You can use the roller button in the center of your Mac mouse to do this.

  • Step Five: Buy a lovely TRACKBALL MOUSE so that you never have to resort to Google to find out how your Mac mouse performs the simplest of procedures. Not only will your wrist thank you, your fingers, hands and desk will thank you as well. No more swirling the mouse around in a futile effort to get the cursor to move, simply roll the trackball round and voila! High functioning cursor action!

  • Step Six: Stuff your Mac mouse away into a drawer somewhere and only retrieve it if your lovely trackball mouse should ever give out -- and stuff it right back in the moment you purchase a new trackball mouse.

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