How to clean your computer screen

Have a perfectly clean monitor!
Have a perfectly clean monitor!

How to properly clean your computer screen

I am a web designer and my career is based on creating websites and other graphics for businesses and individuals around the world! So you bet that I would need a very neat and tidy office that is clean of clutter, and worst of all, DUST!

I absolutely hate it when I can see the dust build up, I wish there was a way to never have it!

Unfortunately, theres no way to remove dust forever, so here are some super easy tips to keep your computer screen clean and dust free!

PS: These are my computer screen cleaning tips, so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them in my comments box!

  1. If you have dust overload on your screen, take a soft cloth (kleenex, face cloth, etc.) and gently clean off the excess dust from your screen.

  2. Take the other side of the kleenex or cloth and spray or dab a little "glass cleaner" or "lens cleaner" (the one you use for your glasses), and then slowly and gently begin to clean your screen. I recommend going in up down motion, or from left to right, and then slowly going down when you get done with one part of the screen.

    WARNING: I highly recommend that you DONT spray the glass cleaner or lens cleaner directly on the screen. You will almost always have to much liquid on the screen, and you might see some left over smudge after your done cleaning.

  3. Now just use any dry portion of your kleenex or cloth (or get another one), and immediately go over the whole screen again and make sure everything is dry. If you do not immediately check for wet spots, you will almost always have smudge spots later on.

I usually clean my office and my computer screen once a week. Like I said, I like to keep my office clean and free of clutter because I feel that I can work a lot better in that environment.

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skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Thanks for the tip. I was wondering about this the other day. Happy Hubbing. I have joined your ranks. If you have a minute come over and check out my wiritngs. Many Blessings.

B-crew 5 years ago

i use Afflink, Affex towel and tissue facial tissues. My work supplies these, and they are always laying around. These work so well I clean the supplied computers and my cell phone daily.

hpxtreme profile image

hpxtreme 5 years ago from Florida Author

Great additional tip b-crew!

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