How to create one RSS feed combining few RSS feeds

Why combine RSS feeds ?

In one of my previous hubs I mentioned how to import your blog posts to Facebook using RSS feeds and one of the drawbacks of that method was that you can only give one RSS feed as the Web URL in Facebook Notes. So if you have multiple blogs and you want to show an update in Facebook for all your blogs you have no way of doing that. Well you can overcome that limitation by creating one single RSS feed combining all those other RSS feeds. There are quite a few ways to do this and I will show you two ways of doing this so you can tap into that massive Facebook traffic. Without a doubt these are powerful techniques but use them with caution so you want clutter others Facebook pages and looks like a spammer.

Combining RSS feeds to create one feed
Combining RSS feeds to create one feed

Create a Combined RSS feed using xFruits

xFruits is service where you can do all sorts of things with your RSS feeds and I highly recommend you check out the site for various possible services you can use in your blog. You need to create a xFruit account to do this but don't worry its free. There are many options in the home page but do combine RSS feeds click the AGGREGATOR RSS option. This will take you to a page where you can specify the RSS feeds you want to combine. You can give a title to this combined RSS feed and tag them as well. You can make them public or private , I suggest you make the public for the added exposure.Now click "AGGREGATE MY FEEDS" and you have your combined RSS feed. I have combined my birthstone jewelry blog and my hub pages feed and already added it to my Facebook account :-) , its simple and you should start doing it NOW.

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Create one RSS feed for all your Diggs , Stumbles and blog posts using FriendFeed

This is something you should use with caution , this method is alright if you are doing a occasional stumble or a Digg , but if you are stumbling like 10-15 articles everyday then this might be not the best thing for you. But it all depends on your friends and what you use Facebook for. In one of my previous posts I showed how to use FriendFeed to automatically update your twitter account while providing original content. In FriendFeed you can specify lots of services to track your activities , check out above hub to get a better idea.Well your FriendFeed page has its very own RSS feed aggregating all those activities. Go to your FriendFeed page ( not your home page but your activity page ) and at the very bottom there is the link to a RSS feed. That RSS is a combination of all your blog posts , Diggs and stumbles.

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We utilized to receive at the top of life yet these days I've truly built up the opposition.

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