How to delete google toolbar search history

Google toolbar search history

If you have installed Google toolbar for FireFox or Internet explorer it will show up in top side of browser as shown in picture below.It is a cool tool to have because it helps you to search using google without going to .

Just type in search term in the search box and click enter .You will get search results.

What ever you search using this tool will show up when you click on the drop down box of google toolbar.Refer screenshot below.

To clear the history , click on clear history link that shows up at bottom of history and it will be cleared.

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SEO Expert Kerala profile image

SEO Expert Kerala 7 years ago from KERALA

clearing history is a must for all internet programs

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breakfastpop 7 years ago


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Lgali 7 years ago

another good hub thanks

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creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin Author

thanks for comments

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

your hubs are improved ....

N.Q profile image

N.Q 7 years ago from Delhi

Hi, Short but an important hub.

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