How to get RSS feeds in your inbox

As RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is growing more and more popular, there are already several services that have developed ways to allow you to receive RSS feed updates through e-mail right in your inbox.

For instance, lets you sign up so you get updates as e-mails instantly. All you have to do is give them the RSS feed URL and your e-mail address. That way you can even check RSS feeds on your phone if you have online service for it as well! Google's FeedBlitz and FeedBurner are similar, but they offer the feed e-mails as a digest, or a collection of updates.

Do you have the free e-mail system from Mozilla called Thunderbird? If you do, it will let you view RSS content like how you read email: the RSS feeds you subscribe to will be listed in where your folders are, while the entry titles will be in the message pane, and the content in the preview area. Try this to get started:

  • In the folders pane, right-click the account name, then choose "Manage Subscriptions." You can also go to "Tools," then "Account Settings," then click on the account name and choose "Manage Subscriptions."
  • Find "RSS Subscriptions," then click the "Add" button to add a new RSS feed. Enter the URL in the appropriate box, then click "OK." The feed will be verified and will appear in the "RSS Subscriptions" spot as well as the folders pane.

You can also add more feeds by creating different accounts and setting up different feeds for each, to stay more organized; for instance, one for News, one for Health, and so on.

RSS in Plain English

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belief713 profile image

belief713 8 years ago from NJ

Thanks. I use the Flock browser by Firefox and it shows me my RSS subscriptions there, but I'd like them to come to my inbox. Looks like this will work. I'll give it a try....

Aguitta 6 years ago

Sorry... that ONLY website that sends decent rss to inboxes is no longer available. To expensive it apears. - oh well, any ideas, im looking something like that. A script, paid system, Vatever.



maria Shande profile image

maria Shande 3 years ago

Very nice article and video is really cool.

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