How to download and install Fring on your Mobile, the best Mobile application

How to install fring on your mobile

Fring is a best application to be in touch with your beloved one and friends always. Fring is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with you all your fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM friends using your handset's internet connection.

Basic requirement to use Fring on your Mobile:

Fring works on most of the Mobile brands that supports Symbian OS, Windows or Mac OS. Below are the requirements to use Fring on your Mobile.

1) Mobile that supports Symbian OS, Windows or Mac OS.

2) GPRS or WiFi capability.

3) Atleast 120MB free phone memory for the application work better.

4) Fring Software.

Steps to install Fring on your Mobile.

  • Download the application from Fring's web site.There are three ways

a)Download the application directly into the mobile. To do so Go to the website

Choose get fring via SMS. Then select the country,fill in the mobile number and then your email address. Click the button "Join"

i) You will get the link to download the application in your mobile.

ii) Now the mobile will ask for a confirmation to connect to the fring server.

iii) Press the left Soft Key to allow your mobile to access the server.(*Note you will be charged for data transfer depending upon your GPRS plan)

iv) Once the application is downloaded.Allow the application to install it into your mobile.

b)Download the application into your PC

To do so Go to the website Choose get fring Via PC. Then Choose your brand,the device(i.e Model) and click the button "Join".

i) You will be navigated to a page to download the application.

ii) Click the similar icon in the page.

iii) Download the file to your PC.

iv) Open the PC suite on your PC

v) Plug your handset to your PC with a USB cable

vi) Locate the sis file and then right click it and choose install.

vii) Click Yes on the next window and continue installation on your device.

viii) If your Laptop or PC has bluetooth cability then transfer the file to your mobile using bluetooth and then install it.

c)Get fring via wap  Go to and download the application.  


1) Most of you have friends with accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, AIM, Skype, ICU, Twitter etc. Fring allows you to chat with those friends for absolutely no cost(Remember your operator may charge for your data transfer if you are using GPRS).

2) It also allows you to speak with your friends with GMail and Skype account for free.(Operator data charges apply if you are using GPRS).

3) You will have access to Orkut scraps on your mobile.

4) You will get notification of your latest Gmail in your mobile.

5) If you have skype out credits you can make call to any number for cheap rate.

6) You can make SIP call.


  • Do not depend soley on Fring for emergency calls.
  • If you are using GPRS for connectivity. Take flat rate plan.
  • Always good to have an Antivirus installed on your mobile.(Ex.F Secure, KasperSky etc).
  • Do not use Fring if mobile is running out of battery.(Since Fring consume extra battery power).

Welcome to Fring!!! 

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ontheway profile image

ontheway 7 years ago

How to install Fring on your Mobile the best Mobile application

it Was very well written, I support you, welcome to my hub

Shweta 7 years ago

To the point article that explains how Fring is installed. though 120MB free memory is a disadvantage for installing Fring.

yra 7 years ago

i installed fring in my phone, but i got problem, i cnt go on.

profile image

omega2010 7 years ago


rajk444 6 years ago

hi i have installed fring on my N900 phone but it is not loging in to that what will be the reason for that do tel me ok.

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

What type of internet service you have on your mobile? (ex GPRS, WLAN, Wifi, 3G etc).

preeti 6 years ago

i am using CDMA SERVICES, CAN I down load fring software and install fring on my mobile

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Preeti,

Yes, you can very well install it on your phone as long as your phone supports (SIS) application.


Karthick Murugan

sachin 6 years ago

pls can u tl me how to downld fring 2 corby pro...i trd bt i gt a nmsg sayin my mob dos't support tht

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Does the mobile support SIS application? If supported you can download to your laptop and transfer it to your Mobile.

nancy44 6 years ago

could we call cell number even if that person isnt connected to internet

joemar1982 6 years ago

can i donwload mini fring to my mobile samsung B3210TXT

actualy i have already mini fring installed on my mobile but if im going to open it, its not working..

can u till me why..


joemar1982 6 years ago

can i donwload mini fring to my mobile samsung B3210TXT

actualy i have already mini fring installed on my mobile but if im going to open it, its not working..

can u till me why..


Karthi 6 years ago

Can u tell me how to download fring to my mobile.. i have N70. What do you mean by SIS Application... i activated GPRS

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Joe,

Please go through the hub. First part of the hub page should answer your question. Dont work about SIS application. All Nokia N series mobile supports SIS application.


Karthick Murugan

San 6 years ago

Dear All,

I have Sony Ericson J105. Can i install fring?

Pls let me know...

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi San,

If your mobile support SIS application then it should work. However, I don't see your mobile listed in their website.

Please check out this link


kichu 6 years ago

it's very nice software....

vikram 6 years ago

i have downloaded phone also supports it but i am not able to open says it is not able to establish access points.....what does that mean?

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Vikram,

It means that your phone doesn't have any internet connection like GPRS, Wireless etc


shani 6 years ago


i am in a gulf region, how can i set actionviop on it.

pls give me solution.

zakir 6 years ago

hi everyone

my name is zakir nice to all. iam using imate ultimate 8502 and i have already installed fring on my mobile. when i try to call there is a error that unable to make a call please change your date and time on your device. but my device time and date is correct. plz can anyone tell me the reason and solve the problem

Jamal 6 years ago

Can I download fring in Sony Erricson G705 moblie, please be informed

remya 5 years ago

i have nokia-5130 express music how to instal fring in m y mobine can u pls help me?

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Remya,

Please follow the procedure mentioned in my hub.


siddhik 5 years ago

i have an e75 i had been using fring software now i installed when i try to open not working i formated tried many time no result can you tell any answer

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Siddhik,

What error are you getting?


Karthick Murugan

mehwish 5 years ago

mary pas nokia c3 hai lakin es mein fring downlaod ni hon raha plz tell me mein kaisy dawnload kro em w8ng ur rply

isela 5 years ago

No he podido instalar el fring en Nokia C3, y he buscado algo parecido en ovi pero no encontre nada, me podrian auxiliar en ello, porque requiero instalar en mi cel el axtelconmigo...

keerthi 5 years ago

hello mr karthickjck mobile model is samsung monte gt-s how can i download the frig to my mobile

nelly 5 years ago

i cannot download it to my pc ):

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi All,

IN your mobile goto

Fring website will analyze your mobile model and if your mobile supports this application you will be able to install the application.


Karthick Murugan

Najeebkhan 5 years ago

Hi Karthick, Is there any fring pc version like nimbuzz, i heard that fring windows mobile version can also install in pc with windows 7 OS. Is it true? I tried but cannot install? Any tricks..? Waiting for your valuable reply? Is there any WAP application for Fring?

Monisha 5 years ago


I am using Sony Ericson K750i,i am not able to download fring to my mobile. What is the other possible way and will it support to my mobile. If not to get supported what should i do



nayeem ahmed 5 years ago

how to install, fring for my windows 7 ultimate..........

plz help me....

frm bangladesh......


jeyson 5 years ago

How to join fring

Najeebkhan 5 years ago

Anybody knows who to install fring windows mobile version on pc windows7 ? share idea appreciated..

Lalitha 5 years ago

Hw 2 install fring.My mobile model is nokia 6600

Javed Patel 5 years ago

1 of the best,handy n useful appli...

sabbir 5 years ago

peliz install fring for may sony eicssonj10i2 mobail

shahbaz 5 years ago


saba 5 years ago

hi,is fring support symphony F10 mobile handset ??? 5 years ago

I using fring on my nokia n8 and nokia n82. very easy but smart. i can make video call, voice call, chat, and file transper. ( eg video, mp3, pictuer, any file to transper other fring user ). thanks to fring.

saud 5 years ago

i have samsung wave 2 mobile how can i insttall fring not suppot

sumi 5 years ago

with out mobile hpw to install pc

rijo 5 years ago

once i used the fring software for international call but sometime they were warning to update but i cannot afford to update, now iam in a problem to download new one

Ashli 5 years ago

I have already downloaded the fring.but i can't open says that 'in order to use this you need to be connect with internet'what i have to do?i have that internet connection,my mobile is nokia 2690.

charlotte 5 years ago

Hi, i am using samsung waves 575 and i am not able to download fring on my handset, pls suggest.

yatin 5 years ago

my mobile 2690 install

Md ilyas ansari gumaniya 5 years ago

hi i am using nokia 6120classic and i am not able to download fring on my handset pls help me

johir 5 years ago


hasantha 5 years ago

i am using GT S5620 Samsung 3g phone.can i down load fring ?pls tell me sir

Karthika 5 years ago

My phone model is nokia 2690. How can i download fring 2 my mobile. I have tried a lot of time!

jasim uddin 5 years ago

i am contre mobil7610

kamoliddin 5 years ago

please can you help me? I have nokia C3 how can I install it? My phone is java. Please...

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

anas 5 years ago

i was not downlode fring plz help me

dave 5 years ago

Very unclear how to make vid suppoer to call

rahul 5 years ago

hi i got a problem with fring. I faild to download my nokia n97. I need ur help.

SUKHI 5 years ago


Balayat Hussain 5 years ago

How to download my iPhone

Balayat Hussain 5 years ago

How to download my iPhone

Ashutosh 5 years ago

hey i have nokia x6 16gb but am able to do video call via skype because skype connection will not appear.... Help me....

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saif 5 years ago

/siri m open fring butwant idhowmake id

saleemkhan 5 years ago

ka be

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Connie 5 years ago

Hi! im using Nokia N95 and im not able to downlaod fring in my mobile....please advice..

thank you.

shanu 5 years ago

how to downdload fring on my n73

Arif Ul Huq 5 years ago

Hw 2 Download Fring Softwer In My Phone...? My Mobile Model Is Nokia X2-00...

Asma 5 years ago

Cn u plz assist me hw 2 dwnload fring 4 X2-01..........does diz handset support it?do hlp me plz.....................

muhit 5 years ago

How to download fring on my sonyericson x8 experia pls tell me

Sajid 5 years ago

How I can download fring in my iPhone 4 plz help me

Danish 5 years ago

samsung wave 3 fring downloads please

Sumana 5 years ago

Plz tell me hw can i download fring

Sandeep 5 years ago

I have nokia E6-00 with fring software successful but problem connect to gprs of bsnl india connect fail how tell me.

muhit 5 years ago

Sumana whr r u frm?

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aamir 5 years ago

how can i use fring in n8

diah@love 5 years ago

Good n the besh for fring

mrudula 5 years ago

hai karthik my mobile is e72 fring instaled but not conncenting wirelless net work how to conncet waireless net work

amos 5 years ago

i want to use fring to make calls

var 5 years ago

want latest fring latest version (2012) for nokia 5800 xpRESS music. pLS SHOW ME DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK TO PC

nadeem 5 years ago

hi my name is nadeem me fring daunload karna chahta hu plz help me mobail modal samsang.thanks

sameer 5 years ago


Please help me,fring is very awesome application.but i am nt able to login shows login please wait.

please suggest me wht to do

simi 5 years ago

yaar fring kese load hoga

mifa 5 years ago

my phone is nokia c3-00,can u help me download to fring

suleman 5 years ago

i need fring

sankar 5 years ago

hi frds

shilpi 5 years ago


shilpi 5 years ago


shilpi 5 years ago

ame fring download korta chai amar mobil nomber n900 plese help me

bisma 5 years ago

hw to update fring on nokia E72

Ahmad salim 5 years ago


d12 5 years ago

Hi all my mobile blackberry 9780 pls help me

Nafham 5 years ago

I need fring,please.

irfan 5 years ago

hi fring team, i dont down load fring im my mobile samsung.GT-S8600.PLZ giv me a tips for down load

suma a k 5 years ago

i m having samsang champ can i use

rokydesoza 5 years ago

hi i have nokia n8 mobail now i install simbinan belly,befor i have simbinan anna,but after i apdate simbinian belly. fring is not work in my mobail plis reply me how can i use fring.plis help me.thank' email id is

Mayin 5 years ago


Majuspillai 5 years ago

Hai,iam using nokia to install fring on my mobile .

sara 5 years ago

mine is nikia e5 how will i acctivate fring and do my friends also want the fring service in the mobile for free call?

leton1105 5 years ago


sharafu 5 years ago

how is fring instaaling for laptop widows 7 pls help me

negin 5 years ago

how can i download fring?i can't

Sainu 4 years ago

How can dowload fring for nokia x2 01

Dushyant singh 4 years ago

Hi myself dushyant singh. How do i install fring on my cell. I am using airtel mobile internet and my cell's is made of nokia and model is NOKIA X2_01

pramin pranaya patel 4 years ago

thi is tha best softer save mony my mobile n8 (mob +919437535138)

Nizami 4 years ago

Salam to all men fring download krna chahta hon mera set he nokia 2690

jainath 4 years ago

how install fring for my mobile C6-01 Plz.Help me.

can u help me downloud.downloud keya thaa.password support nahi kar raha hai

my my mail id.

plz help me

rafy muhammed 4 years ago

how to download fring al mobile version and how to install it

mamun1718 4 years ago

ami mamun amar fring id (mamun1718) add any frinds call me bangladesh

ALAMIN 4 years ago


ALAMIN 412076 4 years ago

frinds callme bangladesh

David 4 years ago

download of fring is too difficult for my mobile that Nokia N8. Plz i will be waiting for your aid.

jainath 4 years ago

Plz tell me hw can i download fring Plz.


my mobile Nokia C6-01

arif2929 4 years ago


zahra 4 years ago


can u tell me how to download fring into my mobile? My mobile is nokia 7610. I try to download, but it can't be download. Help me plz.

SURESH 4 years ago

iam in oman,how to download fring if you have the software my friends pls mail to me

MD:Imran Sheke 4 years ago

See you

Raghu 4 years ago

i love fring call me at .deepajanu.

fring 4 years ago


Shoaib 4 years ago

any body can tell me i am using fring on my mobile samsung mini galaxy 5570i when i make call on it my voice is going but the other who accept my call he is not hearing me can any body tell me how can i solve this porblem

reppetti 4 years ago


Harpreet singh 4 years ago

How to download for my phone samsung f480i

rizan 4 years ago

I want to know why fring is not compatible with the c3 and if there is any way to use it ..

kala jhally 4 years ago

thank u

Jiju. 4 years ago

Howcan download and install fring on my nokia c2-01

tommy 4 years ago

i have fring on my n8 bella it can opent

Khan 4 years ago

Mera mobile c2-03 is per fring dounload nahi ho raha hai please help me

asa 4 years ago


Kabeer 4 years ago


Caroline 4 years ago

Can I download in HTC G11 CDMA Handset?

Karki ganga 4 years ago

How to download it.

mr tahir 4 years ago

my phon fring daunlold wave s8530

rajiv 4 years ago

Hai i am waker

jiva 4 years ago

My phone download fring samsung gt s5360

jiva 4 years ago

My phone download fring samsung gt s5360

AMAR 4 years ago


Rajkumar Datta 4 years ago

I have HTC Touch Pro2, have downloaded fring, but unable to call or receive a call, message showing UNABLE TO MAKE CALL, CORRECT THE DATE ON YOUR DEVICE AND RESTART FRING, but the date is correct on my device, please advise

faiyaz khan 4 years ago

hi friends n97 me fring dala ho or skype os me nahi chalta plz agr aap koi janta ha to plz aap log ye mail pe webpage bhejiye plz

shehz 4 years ago

I m trying through but itiz showing Null .

kaseem 4 years ago

hai am using nokia6120c. How to install fring on my mobile plz help me friend

Shakeel 4 years ago

Hai frinds my hand set is nokia x2 have plz help me how to fring download....? send to My id

mahbub 4 years ago

I'm using Nokia x6. I'm trying to download fring in my mobile but can't to do. Please anyone can help me to download fring in my Nokia x6.

mahbub 4 years ago

My email address are &

sirtaj khan 4 years ago

mere mobile me fring download

sirtaj khan mumbai 4 years ago

mere mobile me fring download hota hai

lakin open nahi hota hai

skype bhi aise he hai pls help me

sirtaj khan mumbai 4 years ago

mere email id

saiful 4 years ago

whats ur pb.....................

hossain 4 years ago

thank u

rauff 4 years ago

no downlode fring wave 2

rauff 4 years ago

mere phone me fring downlonding nhi ho rha plz plz help wave 2 mari emil id plz help

su titu 4 years ago

moy email id.. pelis helap me for. Fring downlodig may mobail nokia.. C5

manoj 4 years ago

Nokia c -series does not support

sana 4 years ago

hello mana fring download kar liya but vo open nahi ho raha my mobile model nokia 701 pls help me its urgent to me pls solve my problem

abdus salam 4 years ago

my mobile sony ericson.But fring is not download.why?

abdus salam 4 years ago

Hi..i am using sony ericson(c903) and i am not able to download fring in my mobile.Please advice..

Arif 4 years ago

My mobile model is i cant download fring.while i am trying to download,it is show that point your native browses,help me.


mohtarim ali 4 years ago

mere samsang w 3 gts 8600 mobile me na to skype or na hi fring danlod ho rha plz telle how 2 danlod

Jyothy 4 years ago

How to download fringout for my mobile samsung wave 3... ? Pls tell me a good solution..

Dhan Bibas Roka 4 years ago

can i download MicromixQ6 mobile,,,

Shihabudheen 4 years ago

hiii friends,i am from oman and i am using nokia x6 fring was working till last week,but now it is blocked here.please help my by send any new version of fring which will work in oman to my email ,,please

Sanjit 4 years ago

How to download fring im n73.any body help me.

Sanjit 4 years ago

My mobile(n73) not support sis format.Plz tel me what i do?&how to instalt fring on my mobile.any other process?plz plz plz help me frnds.

anonymous 4 years ago

Murgadhas 4 years ago

My mobile X2_01 how to down load the fring application

zainab 4 years ago

how can i download and install fring on my nokia 2700 classic

plz help me

jyoti 4 years ago

how can i download and install fring on my samsung e 2652

plz tell me

sohail 4 years ago

How can download black berry 9300 cure and install fring on my phone

shakil nazim 4 years ago

fring symphony Ft30 te kano hoyna ?

simi ,pune 4 years ago

how to download fring for my mob samsung wave y s5380

shaji 4 years ago

how to download fring to my phone E63

shaji 4 years ago

how to download fring to my phone E63

Shaji 4 years ago


I am shaji

I can't download fring to my phone E63 Net connection also available

What can I do

amol 4 years ago

how can download fring to samsung camp3.5g s3770k

mahbub 4 years ago


SANJAY 4 years ago

how to download fring for my phone e63

imtiaz 4 years ago


seigfried23 profile image

seigfried23 4 years ago

Nice. I had never heard of Fring before doing some hub hopping and coming across this. I'll Google some more info on what it does - thanks for sharing! 4 years ago

How to download fring for my mobile phone nokia x3-00

waqas zia 4 years ago

Using fring 4calling. 4 years ago

how to download fring for my mobile SYMPHONY FT40

Mannan 4 years ago

can i use fring on symphony ft40

rashid ansari 4 years ago

Hi mere paas samsung galaxy s DUOS isme fring load nahi ho raha hai.plz help me......8932897117

Zahangir 4 years ago



I am zahangir from Bangladesh.

Plz help me. I am using N73 mobile phone.

How to use fring software in my mobile phone.

I have already installed in my device.

Please send me your comment Or mail me:

i will lost my fring old version now new but i want old version for my samsung mobile 4 years ago

I will lost ny fring old version but iwnt that now igot new version but ineed old version for my samsung mobile how ido it

hi 4 years ago

Hi i am sufyan i am using samsung gt s5570i but i a am not ably to downlode fring plz help me

abdul hamid 4 years ago

Not able to download n use fring on my galaxy s2 n it very urgent for my bussince

aliya 4 years ago

hey...i have samsung s duos...fring download to hua h but account kese banega...plz help me ..muje video calling karna h saudi arebea....fring opan karte h to ragistration likha hota h and enter your mobile number type karne k bad koi code nhi aata aur error aata h

wahab 4 years ago

Hi I'm using Samsung galaxy tab to p3100 but i cant registered on fring becaus activation code not coming on my tab what i do

mohamed 4 years ago


md zubair 4 years ago


shuayb 4 years ago

how to download fring for my mobile nokia C5

salma naveed 4 years ago

i will lost my fring old vision,now new,but i want my old vision in nokia c6,how can i download?

alyas tarar 3 years ago

cal me00923143962075

rimu457 3 years ago

I want gat 1old v f


ersad hussain 3 years ago

a hai please help me.

Zafar hussain 3 years ago

My device is nokia x6 i downloaded fring new vrson but i m not able to doing activate fring in my device

rajib 3 years ago

01915566307 fring suuport

muthu 3 years ago

My number not support number enter invaild number display so what can I do

janet15 3 years ago

can u pls, help to get fring on my mobile?

sakib143 3 years ago

I have Nokia e5 mobile phone. I download fring from internet. But now I can't open it.

profile image

Masudjahid 3 years ago

Hi,i am using nokia e5.i install fring in my mobile.when i want to register say ''you have exceeded the allowed number of attempts to register your account.please contact support at''

my mobile number is +88001965168963

and mail is ''''

please help me

rila 3 years ago

I download fring easily but i cant register it. There are error coming how can i register it my phone model is e72 pls tell me a solution for that as soon as possible.

rajnish 3 years ago

I can t recive 4 degit no. Plz help

rany shintya 3 years ago

I use samsung galaxy S11 GT 19100 but dont dont have install to fring id...plz halp me i need fring id

shazada 2 years ago

did not activate fring my nokia c5-03 plz guaid me

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