How to set the alarm clock on a Samsung Galaxy S2


Mobile phones have become a bigger and bigger part of our life in recent years and have started to replace every day objects. No longer do we carry maps around with us but instead we use our phones and on a similar note not longer do we buy alarm clocks, instead we use our phones for the job. Whether it's waking us up ready for work in the morning or just signalling that we need to get up the alarm function on mobile phones has become a major facet of mobile phones.

The problem though is that mobile phones are becoming more complex and knowing how to set an alarm isn't always straight forward, this guide intends to show you how to set an alarm on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Firstly you will need to find the "Clock" application on the phone. You should be able to find this application in the "App drawer" (click "Application" at the bottom of the screen). You need to click on "Clock" and then make sure that "Alarm" is select from the top 4 options.

You should see, near the top of the screen an option saying "Create alarm", you need to click here and then enter all the information you need to use. Firstly you need to enter the time you want the alarm to go off and then select the day (or days) that you want the alarm setting for.

After setting the time and day of the alarm you can select the type (noise, vibration or both) as well as a tone and snooze settings. When you are happy with everything you need to select "Save" from the bottom left of the screen and relax safe in the knowledge that the alarm will go off at the time you've set the alarm for!

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Bi 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your blog, its help me with my new android.

DON 5 years ago

what if you want to turn your phone off. I've tried it, and it wont work when turned off, but my friends SAMSUNG TOCCO LITE!!!!!!! can do this while my Galaxy S2 CANT!!.

skins101 5 years ago

How can I use my alarm and still turn off my galaxy at night.

S.Graveson profile image

S.Graveson 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK Author

I don't think you can as it needs the android system active to use the alarm. Sorry

nizzy 5 years ago

i set my alarm (mon-fri), with smart alarm (5 minutes before the alarm), and snooze (3 minutes, 3 times).

some days the snooze just does not working, not working means, i have no option to snooze it when the alarm went off. usually it has two option, to close/stop the alarm, or to snooze.

Daniel Law 5 years ago

I don't understand why the Galaxy S2 designers have chosen not to link the alarm clocks to the actual clock. On the HTC Desire HD and Desire Sensation whenever you tap on the clock (the actual clock that tells the time, not the app), it would open up the functions for the alarm clock etc. Why haven't they done the same?

5 years ago

On my s2 I set the alarm and it tells me it will go off in six days, even when I have Monday selected and it's a Sunday. Any tips

S.Graveson profile image

S.Graveson 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK Author

I'm not sure. Perhaps delete the alarm and start again from scratch?

LL 5 years ago

i have that same problem ot keeps telling it will go off in six days. i have deleted the alarm and started from scratch multiple times now! help!!

Michael 5 years ago

Same problem here, don't understand it!

Say if I set my alarm to DAILY, if I click the the activate button (the green bell) it gives a random go off time like "1 day 23 hours" or something, even though since it's set to go off daily..

Every night I have to click into the alarm settings and press save, just to make sure it'll go off the next morning! Wth?

virginia 5 years ago

same problem with mine . very frustrating. now the alarm wont sound at all . very annoying set up

any tips to see what's wrong

S.Graveson profile image

S.Graveson 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK Author

Have you all upgraded to the latest firmware? =/

andy 5 years ago

I have same issue. If, say, it is 09:00, and i set alarm for 09:05, it says "alarm set for 23 hours and 57 minutes"

beck 5 years ago

Its the simplest things that make all the difference. i can't believe they didn't get this one right!

The Jobster 5 years ago

You have to change the day to when the alarm goes off... if you set it for eg on a wed night for thurs morning it will set it for next wednesday 6 days 8 hours away... weird but i had to tell it that when i am setting it at 11pm for 8am the next day it assumes the same day a week away!! Hope they fix this problem.

eddie 5 years ago

It is too complex and not flexible to set one-piece alarm with compulsory day(s) of week.

SmartRRs 4 years ago

Its now 14-21, (thursday). Ive set my alarm to come on tomorrow, (friday) at 10-30, to remind me to make a phone call, and the alarm clock symbol has appeared at the top of the screen, we'll see what happens!

This is the first time Ive set the alarm, had the phone since they came out. (GALAXY S2). Thanks for the help in how to set the alarm.

amanda thomson 4 years ago

i can set my alarm but when it goes off can't turn it off!! i turn the phone off !!

Amanda 4 years ago

I have the same problem as nizzy. Sometimes my alarm will go off and I slide it to snooze ( 15 mins/ 2 times) and even unlock my phone to see that the green clock has turned yellow with two z's and it will randomly work somedays and not others. Makes no sense. Yesterday and today the snooze function didn't work, yet last week I had no problems with it. Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this thanks!

Henry 4 years ago

I just have the issue that the snooze resets itself to 3 min even though I have specified 10 min. So every night I have to check that it's on 10 min - don't know why, can't seem to figure out what resets it?

M. Johansen 4 years ago

Mine sets alarm til 6 days + even if I have the latest firmware. There is no way to set alarm dat, only repeat dates.

This must be a bug

Paul 4 years ago

Mine galaxy s2 is fine, like any other technology you need a bit of knowledge to operate it. Read the manual and stop second guessing on things.

777 4 years ago

The bloody thing just woun't go off when the phone is off. This is basic even in gadget out of oblivion costing zero dimes. The alrm should go off even when the phone is off_many people sleep with their phones off and will only switch it on when the alrm wakes them up!

Leigh 4 years ago

Bought the phone set the alarm did not go off, when off.... So called Samsung they said to download an alarm app , this also did not work so don't bother !!!! So you have to before going to bed put in flight mode by going to applications then settings underneath DATA USAGE there is a promp for (MORE....) then FLIGHT MODE is shown click on that and you will not be disturbed whilst sleeping......Sweet dreams.

profile image

balb61 3 years ago

I have a Samsung S2, I am able to set the alarm and it goes off on the display but no sound. I went through the motions that were described, but still no sound. I am having to rely on an old LG flip phone for my alarm because my high dollar Samsung won't work.

receivetipstricks profile image

receivetipstricks 3 years ago from Jaipur,India


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