How to speed up my internet connection

Frustrated by slow Internet connections .??

>>>>>>Here is the solution.

Learn to speed up Internet connection .Tou dont have to possess any experience or be a genius to speed up Internet connection .There are some easy steps to do that. But you will have to understand that before implementing.Prepare a backup before doing this.If you are using windows XP or Vista remember to create a restore point.This will help uoy to roll back your system to previous state if something goes wrong. Creating a backup of important documents is a must.

Let us do it

Clear up the waste.

Do you know that waste gets accumulated in your PC as you surf.?

Yes , its true. As you continue surfing , the temporary Internet folder and history folder gets filled up.As this gets accumulated your PCs performance is degraded.Don't worry , its easy to do the cleaning and restore the performance .

  • Run disk cleanup utility. This is a program that is built in .Running it will remove all the waste from your PC and makes it healthy.

Tweaking your Internet Connection

There are lot of parameters which decide the connection speed like round trip time , MTU etc.

Don't worry by hearing their names. There is a software (free) which helps you tweak your connection without knowing about details

Its name is TCP Optimiser. Download it and run it . Its very simple to operate.

Download it and tweak your connection.

Pictorial tutorial to configure it can be found here

Configuring TCP Optimizer

Also download Google web accelerator.

This is a free tool which improves surfing speed dramatically.

It improves speed by diverting the traffic through google's servers.

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sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin

Hi I have download that TCP optimizer. But no use yar

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin Author

downloading alone wont have to configure it properly.

Iam including one more hub to help you configure it

Apocalypse profile image

Apocalypse 8 years ago

hey man how will i configure the TCP Optimizer

Apocalypse profile image

Apocalypse 8 years ago

hey man how will i configure the TCP Optimizer

Apocalypse profile image

Apocalypse 8 years ago

Sorry About The double comment thing man im new here

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

Can i increase my broadband speed ?

viplove 6 years ago

TCP Optimizer shows my current speed as 3Mbps where as it is only 512Kbps, how is it possible? Still I chose to optimize but still my download speed is same as 60-70 Kbps so s/w didn't help a bit

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 6 years ago from Cochin Author


sorry you are mistaken.TCP optimizer doesn't detect your connection speed.

You can drag the slider to select your connection speed and click optimal settings radio button and hit apply button.

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