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Good news to writers who are not from countries of native English like the US, UK, or Canada! The WriteLearnEarn site welcomes writers from over 200 countries to write an article and sell it.

WLE is not an ad revenue-sharing site. It's not a content mill, either. It's an article marketplace. What's the difference exactly? Whereas ad revenue-sharing sites earn you passive income, and a content mill enables you to claim an assignment and write content based on the client's instructions/descriptions, an article marketplace is where you can submit original articles you have written on any topic that will sell. In an article marketplace, YOU get to decide what to write about.

It sounds good, but remember that, like the content mill, though, this is work-for hire, which means that you don't get a byline, although you do get paid when your content sells.

WLE actually has two programs, WLE Pro and WLE World. The former is for Nigerian writers, while the second one is for other writers from around the world. Though there are two programs, there is only one site for both. Why does the site have 2 programs anyway? If you've been writing online for quite a bit, you've probably noticed in forums or blogs where writers from countries in the Middle East or Africa are having a hard time looking for online work because of problems in payment methods. PayPal is not open to every country in the world, and most writing sites pay through PayPal or via local bank.

So, the Half-Hog Network and Haibtext came up with WLE for writers who reside in a country where PayPal is in accessible.

How Do You Earn at Write Learn Earn?

When you sign up for WLE, you will see a list of categories on the left side of the screen. Before you click on "Submit an Article", though read the How It Works, Article Guidelines, Hot Topics, and Quality Ratings.

These articles will tell you which articles are in demand (IT, finance, wellness, etc.) and how the editors will rate your article.

This is what makes WLE different from other article marketplaces like Constant-Content and DailyArticle. You will not be the one setting the price of your article. The editors will. How will they do that? In their Quality Ratings, you will see your article will be rated according to Quality 1 - 5 (from .50 cents upward).

When you submit an article, go to your "My Articles" category. If your article has a blue circle beside it, it means it's still being reviewed. If it's yellow, it means it's on the market and the site is promoting it to different places/sites/businesses that will need the kind of article you published (e.i. you published an article on benefits of dog food made of lamb and rice, then your article might be sold off to a business on dog food, pets, or vet clinic). If it has a green circle,it has been sold! if it's red, though, it means you have to edit it for it to be sold.

According to Sike Wyatt, all writers whose articles sold have been paid with no problems. This is a good sign, isn't it? The fact that they also screen or evaluate the articles is a good thing, because this means that if the site churns out good content, more clients (especially high-paying ones) will be attracted to buying from WLE.

Also, if you don't want to wait for a long time to sell your articles, you can do a fast sale. The Fast Sale is feature is selling your article to the site itself. The site will keep your article - and own your article, and will sell it in time. Fast Sale, though, is sold at a lower price than the original one. If your approved article is rated at $20, the site will buy it at a lower price.

Other Money-Making Tool

WriteLearnEarn also has a referral program, which is rare for sites like this. Article marketplaces such as this is basket you should definitely put some eggs in. Since you're the one coming up with an article on your own terms, you won't have a very hard time writing it. The downside is, of course, waiting for it to sell. When it does sell, though, it's going to have been worth your while.

Pros and Cons


If you can write a good article on various subjects, you can definitely make use of Write Learn Earn. That's of course, if you're not going to make writing an online business or job.

Also, WLE has editors who proofread and edit articles to make them clearer, better, easier to read, and more appealing to readers.


If you don't opt for the fast sale, you're going to have to be patient and wait for your articles to sell. So if you want to earn money as a job or business, you could probably use WLE as a side project or hobby.

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offornagoro king profile image

offornagoro king 20 months ago from live in Nigeria

Is nice just signed up

SpikeTheLobster profile image

SpikeTheLobster 11 months ago from South Coast, UK

Thought I'd drop in and say a couple of things. I own and run WLE. :)

First, thanks for the review. Second, the World/Pro differences have been removed: everyone now uses the same system and gets paid in the same ways. There are several other updates as well, including up-front payments and stuff!

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