Top 10 Indian Cricketers on Twitter

India's 2011 World Cup Winning Squad
India's 2011 World Cup Winning Squad

11. Virat Kohli


The new heart rob of Indian Cricket is at number 11 position with more than 43,800 followers

10. Ishant Sharma


In spite not playing for the Indian Cricket National team, the Lanky Paceman is still ruling hearts with follower count more than 62,800

9. RP Singh


The Left arm swing bowler of Indian Cricket team is at the 9th position with more than 82,100 followers

8. Harbhajan Singh


The Turbanator is at 8 position with more than 87,000 followers stumped.

7. Gautam Gambhir


KKR's new Captain is at the number 7 on the list with more than 118,900 followers

6. Sree Santh


The Controversy Child of Indian Cricket is on the 6th position with more than 156,000 folloowers

5. Zaheer Khan


The Hunk of Indian Cricket team is at number 5 with more than 245,300 followers at this point of juncture.

4. Virender Sehwag


Nawaab of Delhi is at the number 4 with 256,034 people following him at this time.

3. MS Dhoni


Captain Marvel is at the number 3 position with more than 314,706 followers

2. Yuvraj Singh


The Six Sixes Man is at the number 2 with the fan base of 460,457 followers.

1. Sachin Tendulkar


The Name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar a.k.a The God of Cricket is ruling the heart of 1003964 and still counting.

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SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 5 years ago from The Caribbean

The statistics surprise me a bit. I thought they would have had even more followers than that on Twitter, given how the people of India adore them. You may have to update this hub regularly :)

thehemu profile image

thehemu 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

hey @spiffyd sorry for late reply but yes the numbers are too less as twitter is not much popular in india than fb

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