Advice on Internet Scams

When i started using internet years back, I got really excited when I saw a red blinking banner claiming that i have won a million dollars while visiting a site. I actually clicked on it & filled out the form, but couldn't go onwards since i didn't have credit card info to enter.

The bubble burst when i saw the same banner with varied texts at a number of sites. That was the moment i realized the trick & felt really silly for getting excited. These things happen to every internet user, after all these years i have grown much more careful about providing personal information to websites. Few years back my father who has diverse music interests entered his credit card info on a music site for a song download. Later on he got an email claiming $100 off his credit card. The issue was resolved by direct calls to his bank & an email to the company, nevertheless he learnt his lesson eventually.

The internet is a really clever place, people are trying to earn quick money to satisfy their needs. This is the reason for so many "get rich quick" schemes online.They keep the sign up fee low to attract more people. Suppose the fee is $20 & 100 people sign up, it means instant $2000 simply through managing an appealing website. Thousands of people fall for such scams daily & lose their hard earned money.

Another recent trick is directly emailing people by using an established & trusted name like eBay, yahoo, a reputed bank etc. to acquire personal & credit information. Such things also lead to identity theft easily. Presently I'm getting emails from some individuals who have recently acquired a fortune through a deceased aunt or uncle, father or even husband. The email presents a proposal to keep the said amount of money in my account for an investment. However I must invest some amount for safekeeping the trust. Honestly I feel this is the most clever way of double crossing simple people.

It is extremely important for elders to notify young internet users of such predicaments online. Every user must protect his/her identity while online. Never give away or share your personal information with any website or any person you meet online.If accidentally you let slip your info, inform your bank to avoid any unwanted transaction. I'm sure many of you out there have faced such issues while browsing through sites & searching online. There are many other reliable ways to earn extra cash. always remember, "slow & steady wins the race".

Happy surfing :)

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Barb 8 years ago

Very good hub! Thank you for your output.

The How To Hub profile image

The How To Hub 8 years ago from Australia

The links to resources are handy, thanks for sharing your experience.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

Lot of good points there are many scams

gr8archer45 profile image

gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank you for reading & appreciating my hubs Lgali.

Internet scams are indeed becoming common these days. Many innocent people are fooled by them.

Asma Rab Nawaz 7 years ago



gr8archer45 profile image

gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan Author

very true asma, it is indeed a problem faced by many people today. Thank you for appreciating :)

profile image

shreekrishna 7 years ago

great hub,

i enjoyed much from this.

i have the same problem when i came on net 8-9 months back.

wish you to your success.

gr8archer45 profile image

gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan Author

Oh I hope your problem was resolved without any problems shreekrishna, There are soo many scams going on these days that you cant even tell the difference between the legal stuff or the scams!

profile image

shreekrishna 7 years ago

now , i become so hard that,

if a real person come towards me & give me millions of dollars ,

then also i reffuse to take it.

gr8archer45 profile image

gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan Author

lolz, that happens bt do consider twice before ignoring that million dollar offer ;)

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