Laptop Cleaner

Cleaning Your Laptop

As the most of us already know that the dust and other particles which often go through the keys into your laptop can easily decrease its life and ultimately it wont be of any use to you. So obviously preventing it from dust is a necessary thing and here is a list of a few accessories to help you keep your laptop clean and increase its life.

Mini USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner

You can use it by simple connecting it to your laptop through the USB port. One bristle brush and a flexible rubber comes in the package.

USB Mini Vacuum Cleaners With Retractable Cable

These USB powered, mini vacuum cleaners come with a retractable power cable. They come with a turbo mode to double the power.

Keyboard Cleaner

The foam surface removes dust and dirt from keyboards without scratching.

Air Dusters

Excellent for cleaning computers, office equipment, photography equipment and electronics. It is like having a portable air compressor in your hand. Its high pressure, filtered and moisture free propellant wont harm anything you use it on.

Miniature Vacuum

Handy, powerful and safe. Good for removing dust and dirt from delicate equipment.


Tips for Cleaning a Laptop

Make sure you turn off the laptop before you clean its display as you will then see the dust more clearly.

Avoid using paper towels or tissues to clean your display.

Use 100% cotton cloth which is soft and a good absorbent. An old t-shirt or sock is good for this purpose.

LCD screens are different from CRT or monitors. They do not have a glass finish like a monitor and thus using the ingredients that are in windows cleaners can damage your laptop's LCD screen.

Do not apply too much pressure on your laptop's LCD screen while cleaning it with a cotton cloth. Just rub it lightly.

Applying more pressure to LCD with your laptop turned on can increase the amount of damage caused. So turning off your laptop before cleaning it is always a good idea.

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