Netbook Case- Choosing a Case for a Mini Laptop

Choosing a Laptop Case

Mini laptops are small and fragile in comparison to regular sized laptops, which can be pretty heavy duty, and because you've either already spent the money, or are about to spend the money, to purchase the perfect netbook for you, you want to make sure that you can properly protect your netbook when on the go.

Cases for laptops come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, materials, and include different features. There is no one perfect case for your mini laptop, so for the most part, it's going to be your personal preference as to which case for your netbook that you end up choosing.

My suggestion is that you look around and shop around so that you can check out the different features and compare prices so that you can ensure that you're purchasing what you want.

I didn't and ended up buying a netbook sleeve, but decided that an actual case would be better for my needs. Luckily, I had the perfect bag at home that I could use and still use the sleeve for more added protection against scratches within the second bag.

When choosing a case for your netbook, you want to consider the following features:

  • Material: Both interior and exterior. Sometimes people prefer a sturdy exterior and a soft, padded interior to fully protect their netbook.
  • Size: Depending on whether your want something small, like a sleeve or something a little bigger that will hold your cables, and accessories, will determine what size case that you will need for your mini laptop.
  • Handles and Straps: Some people prefer the shoulder strap, whereas others may prefer the carrying handle.
  • Colors and Designs: Some of the cases and most of the sleeves come in different colors and patterns so that you can pick your favorite color or match your bag, or sleeve, with your outfit. You can accessorize with your netbook bag.

There are different things that you may be looking for when choosing a mini laptop bag, just make sure that you shop around at least a little bit before you make your final decision.

Netbook Case

Netbook cases come in a variety of options. Most of them will have a shoulder strap and a carrying handle, as well as a harder, more protective outer surface with a soft, padded inner surface.

When choosing a netbook case, you'll find that the carrying cases provide extra storage for your accessories, such as AC power adapter, USB mouse, external hard drive, and USB drives, as well as pens and business cards that you may accumulate along the way.

You'll find that the cases for mini laptops are also manufactured in different materials ranging from mesh to polyester. Some are even made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and nylon. The more protection you want for your mini laptop, then you'll want to consider a harder and sturdier case. And of course for complete protection a nice padded interior doesn't hurt; many use memory foam.

Mini Laptop Sleeves

If you think that the laptop sleeve will best suit your needs, then you're in a world of shopping because there are so many different materials, colors, and patterns to choose from that you may need more than one.

The sleeves are a great option if you want something small to protect your netbook from scratches when on the go, but it's not the best option as sole protection. If you drop the mini laptop in its sleeve, you may incur more damage to the laptop than if you dropped the mini laptop in an actual case.

The laptop sleeves are perfect for just going to the library, a friend's house, or something along that nature, but if you're looking at actual travel or a slightly longer trip than a study session, then you may really want to consider purchasing an actual case.

Like I said before, I have the sleeve and a make-shift case. The sleeve protects the netbook within the case. This may be another option to consider- both.

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Execllent work. Loved reading and browsing through the bags.

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