Nokia City Lens Beta a short review

Nokia Beta Labs

Nokia City Lens Beta

As a long time Nokia Phone user, I have always used Nokia Beta Labs as a source of new, innovative and cool cutting edge applications, they are great !! (When you visit, just use your Nokia or Facebook account details to log in and get great FREE stuff) Today they launched an augmented reality app called Nokia City Lens for the Nokia Lumia 800, as I've used the app on my E7 & N9, I was eager to try it on the Lumia as well. So as soon as it hit may main news stream, Twitter I opened the browser on my Lumia and headed off to Beta Labs, just as well as the comments on the site said that the desktop version of the Marketplace said the app was unavailable, but that using the phone worked fine, which I found to be true , so simply do everything on your phone.

City Lens Menu

City Lens installing
City Lens installing
App page on the Marketplace on the Lumia 800
App page on the Marketplace on the Lumia 800

The App

Basically, the app uses the gps on your phone and the camera to overlay information both local and at least in the 'Famous' section Worldwide (well American wide anyway, guess the app has been developed in the US?) Any way having tested it for a few minutes the app seems to work great, as I was using it at home I know the places it showed me are accurately listed both for info and distance (I changed the distance from km to Miles in settings, as I don't understand 'Foriegn' LOL)

It's really easy to use, simply hit any of the eight tiles to see the different information from-Nearby,Food,Hotels,Shopping,Famous.Fun,Sights and Transport and you get an overlay showing items and the distance they are from you and by tapping the item it expands to give you more info from Bing and the option to get directions, Really useful when away from home and also to maybe find something more local, that you haven't noticed before. To get out of the screen you simply use the back button on your phone to return to the menu.

So just thought I'd post a few screen shots of the app, and links for those who struggle to type Nokia Beta Labs in there phone browser ! LOL

Info Displayed from different sections

Details and directions from Bing
Details and directions from Bing

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suyog 4 years ago

Try City scene on N9 , its even better.

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Already have it on N9 & E7 :-D Thanks for reading amd the comment Suyog

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