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Twitter has become one of the largest Social Networks. I decided to show everyone some of the random things that are said. The phrases with the # sign in front of them are "trending topics. Those are popular Topics on the site.


1.#ilikedyouuntill U gained all that weight........#sorry (Wow that is really really ridiculous)

2.#ilikedyouuntill someone told me DANGER!!! she smashed the homies.

3. #ilikedyouuntill You asked me to be your man and shorty you know what the bidness is.... (The "bidness" really?)

4. #Likedyouuntil Yu Wanted Tew Try && Play Me Like I Was Dumb.

5.#likedyouuntil you said you married and still wanted to be "friends" year right go FYS!!

6. #likedyouuntil you said my name wrong. It's say/bruh not saber

7. i #likedyouuntil u burped b4 we kissed

8. #ilikedyouuntill you took me to a Jonas Brothers concert

9.#ilikedyouuntill you said all females are the same..dont worry i wont call asking questions

10.#ilikedyouuntill u let me walk out the restaurant with toilet paper on my shoe

Apple Ipad

1.do u Noe that now where ever u say ipad I wil think of the bloody pad..u totally destroy ipad image..apple gonna sue u.. (Oh my gosh)


1.The girl who ranked high in Academics and your heart.... #yeahthatwasme

2.The sexy guy in that magazine #yeahthatwasme

3. #yeahthatwasme who walk in and all eyes were on me

4. Twisted Mind. #YeahThatWasMe BAHAHAHA :))

5. kicked your baby in the face now he's bleeding #yeahthatwasME (Umm..I think someone needs a little bit of psychotherapy)

6. Found a binder full of pokemon cards and wished life was that easy again #yeahthatwasme

7.I am the guy who took ur gal #yeahthatwasme

8. Laughing wen a old lady falls #yeahthatwasme

9. spent most of my day twittering - #YeahThatWasMe. Guilty! :D

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ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Oh dear haha! There really are some crazy tweets out there on Twitter :D

Bredavies profile image

Bredavies 3 years ago Author

Oh yes! I agree!

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