The Best Raspberry Pi Cases


The Raspberry Pi, in case you haven't heard of it yet, is an amazing little computer. This little thing is only $25 and it furnishes you with a complete ARM GNU/Linux box that is only as big as a credit card. It is the perfect little PC for many tasks - ideally suited to things like casual internet browsing, a little spreadsheet editing, word-processing and gaming, as well as making a fantastic media server because it plays high-definition video. It also gives kids (and adults) an ideal environment on which to learn to program.

Accessories for the Raspberry Pi

The only problem with the Raspberry Pi is that it ships without peripherals, accessories and without and sort of case. Luckily, in the spirit of the Pi, people have started hacking away at creating all manner of accessories for the pint sized PC.

I'm not going to bother looking at peripherals like keyboards or mice or remote controls for the Raspberry Pi, because most people already have those from previous computers. However, getting a nice case for the Raspberry Pi - now there's something to really complete the unit.

Here then are the best cases for the raspberry pi


ModMyPi offers a plastic injection molded case in various bright colors to complement the funky Raspberry Pi. Cases cost about $12 each at the moment. They also offer a custom service if you want to upload your own case design. Prices for bespoke cases are obviouse on a case by case (ehem) basis.

The Punnet

Here's a case you can print at home and make out of cardboard. Trace the pdf of the punnet onto some stiff cardboard from your printed paper and snip away. This is great - a true do it yourself, make it yourself case. I wonder, if you could get your hands on a 3D printer, how this would translate.

Snapfit Raspberry Pi Case
Snapfit Raspberry Pi Case | Source

Snap Fit

A snap-fit case for the Raspberry Pi that has been designed by Marco Alici. A clean design with the ability to stack your pint sized 'puters. Prices start at about $46 making it a fairly expensive, though very tasty option.

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Ply PiPly Pi
Ply Pi
Ply Pi | Source
Ply Pi
Ply Pi | Source

PlyPi - The Custom Wooden Case

You are unlikely to get one of these on the open market being as it was mada as a one off by Stephen Whitehead. The case is beautiful and reminiscient of stunning guitars with their grain showing. This one was truly a labor of love.

Bramble Pi case for the Raspberry Pi
Bramble Pi case for the Raspberry Pi | Source

Bramble Pi

Laser cut and finger jointed, this case is a self-assembly kit. There's a version with laser engraving as well. This has a more retro feel to me, still stunning though. Currently running about $9.

The Bramble Pi is made of Birch Plywood and you can also get a custom engraved version if you prefer.

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Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit
Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit
Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit | Source

Built To Spec Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit

A rather tough looking enclosure kit for the Raspberry Pi - created by Built-To_Spec this one is an acrylic kit. You can opt to do it yourself or order one off the shelf. This case has an industrial tank like feel to it, but at the same time it's shiny.

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PiBow | Source
PiBow | Source
PiBow | Source
PiBow | Source


Simply the most beautiful case in my opinion. If the Pi had an official case, this one should be it. An easy to assemble kit made from durable, shatter-proof acrylic. The case is modular, so if anything breaks, you can just replace a piece of it - what a great idea! The case is colorful with a clear top so you can see the Pi in operation.

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Lego Pi CaseLego Pi Case
Lego Pi Case
Lego Pi Case | Source
Lego Pi Case
Lego Pi Case | Source

DIY Lego Kit

Keen legoist Biz is only 12 years old, but took it upon herself to build a case out of Lego! That's the stuff - true to the spirit of the Raspberry Pi. Full instructions are available and if you have a box full of Lego, as manay parents do, it would be an ideal little project to do with the kids. The version even has a little raspberry lego decal on the top! My vote for best value.

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Martin 4 years ago

this one here also looks quite beautiful:

It seems to be made of untreated wood and without screws. But it is - similar to the Snap Fit case - fairly expensive (55 €).

And another one (for free) with a completely different style: the above blog also contains an article with building instructions of a print-and-cut paper case for the Raspberry Pi. (

Eric Ling profile image

Eric Ling 4 years ago

works with GeChic On-Lap 2501M portable monitor

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