New iPad 2 Secrets: Why are the A5 Microchips and Dual Facing Cameras so Popular?

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A5 Chip + Dual Cameras = iPad 2

10:00 a.m. Wednesday March 2 Apple introduces the second-generation tablet PC the all new "iPad 2".

The new iPad 2 comes to us with a thinner design, much faster dual core A5 chip, and front and back facing cameras.

You can get all this starting on March 11 at any Apple store.

The new iPad 2 is about 1/3 thinner than the original iPad, just around 8.8mm in thickness, that folks is yes skinner then the iPhone 4!!!

Coming to you at a paper weight of 1.5 pounds you can't beat this...

Of course the price will stay at a healthy $499 which is your base model 16GB Wi-Fi.

The iPad 2 will be available at all Apple authorized resales by Friday March 11 (3-11) in US only.

26 more countries will be able to get there hands on iPad 2 Friday March 25 (3-25)..

Finally, with front and back facing cameras now you can record video, take photographs, and of course FaceTime chat.

iPad 2 also comes equipped with a A5 dual core processor microchip which lets you have about 9x the graphics you had with the first generation iPad.

The best thing about the upgrade is not only the obvious, but also the battery does not drain anymore then it did with the previous A4 chip. How about them apples....

The new iPad 2 comes to you in 2 colors Black and also White.

The carriers will be of course AT&T and Verizon with their 3G networks.

iPad 2 comes with the same battery life of 10hrs as the previous model which is a good thing for once.

Finally Apple has announced a band new accessory cable HDMI.

This can be used to "mirror" HDMI video out to all High Definition Televisions that support 1080p output.

This particular adaptor will be in the $39 range.

While connected to this cable the iPad 2 will be able to charge itself while using the video out feature.

Smart Cover


Magnetic "Smart Cover"

Apple believes everyone should protect there device.

But that protection should not be taking away from the beauty of that particular device.

So Apple has announced a magnetic "smart cover".

This "smart cover" attached to the front of the iPad 2, in turn encasing the whole front side.

By doing this it automatically turns the iPad 2 off, by taking the "smart cover" off it turns the device back on...

The "smart cover" comes equipped with microfiber linings so that your iPad 2 will be fresh and clean every-time you use it.

While the magnets keep the cover in aliment with the screen.

There are other uses for the smart cover, such as using it for a stand to view movies or YouTube videos, or even type emails or letters.

The "smart cover" comes in 2 different types Polyurethane $39 and leather $69.

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cc 5 years ago

this ipad is amanzing, when you have it on your had is really really wonderful

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 5 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

I couldn't agree with you more.

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